A fictional version of the events that led to the assassination of the Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn on May 6, 2002. The movie is based upon the book "The sixth of May" by Tomas Ross.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:117 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:Dutch,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   police,   beach,  

A fictional version of the events that led to the assassination of the Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn on May 6, 2002. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


06/05 torrent reviews

Joe T (br) wrote: Nice and watchable.....except for the ex-wife induced conflict, which made no sense.

Vivienne O (fr) wrote: What is with that singing scene? Not a strong adaptation. The manga is much better many times over.

Jarrett G (ca) wrote: As corny as it is awesome, there are lines that make me say 'scheesh' as well as inspiring classics. A few scenes make the movie and every man will be left wanting to be Doc Holliday.

Breeyon B (it) wrote: Not Craven's best. More cartoony than scary.

Anders A (it) wrote: Ministry of Fear never really gets under your skin. The atmosphere of fear and war-time never feels real or scary.

Allan C (ag) wrote: Something of a mashup of "Only Angels Have Wings" and "The Front Page," with this comedy, action and romance about nightclub star Ann Sheridan helping Central American plantation owner Pat O'Brien keep James Cagney from leaving. You also get the great Andy Devine in a supporting role and also George Reeves in a small role.

bernard a (jp) wrote: It took me 3 viewings before I was finally able to sort out the plot details of DARK JOURNEY, a spy drama - which was one of actress Vivien Leigh's first starring roles. The story held my attention okay until about the half-way mark - when the plot became muddled by seemingly numerous spies and counter-spies and I just got very confused as to which spy was spying for whom. I know now the reason for my confusion: just about everyone in this production - including most of the spies (no matter what nationality) - spoke with a British accent! You may say - well, of course everyone spoke with a british accent - DARK JOURNEY is a BRITISH PRODUCTION - but therein lies the problem. Vivien Leigh plays a Swiss national but speaks with a British accent. The actors portraying Germans mostly spoke with a British accent. The French and the Swede characters spoke with British accents. No wonder I was having a hard time trying to figure out which country a spy held allegiance to. They ALL sounded BRITISH and after reading other viewer's comments on this film, I'll say I'm not the only one confused by the plot. But once I figured out that the trick to watching this is to IGNORE the British accent - well, the plot became much more coherent and the motivations behind the character's actions made a lot more sense. With that said, think DARK JOURNEY is a rather nifty World War I spy drama. But the filmmakers were not satisfied with making just a spy drama because it's a spy drama disguised as a romance or maybe, a romance disguised as a spy drama - take your pick. I think the spy drama angle works rather well - but not so the romance part - which seemed a bit of a stretch. It is Spring Time 1918 (so says the opening caption) and Madeleine Goddard (Vivien Leigh) is onboard a passenger liner departed from Paris and traveling to Stockholm, Sweden. The liner is stopped and boarded by the crew of a German U-boat. The Germans inspect the liner for contraband material and suspicious passengers - arresting anyone they suspect as spies or escapees. The Germans question Madeleine but are satisfied that she is just traveling on business. Madeleine's suitcases are full of the latest Paris fashions destined for her exclusive couture shop in Stockholm. Once in Stockholm?we see the REAL reason behind Madeleline's importation of the dresses. Incorporated within the design (or patterns of the fabric) of the dresses are coded messages - planned French troop movements. The messages are decoded and relayed to? Berlin headquarters! But who is Madeleiene really working for? The Germans send their spies to Stockholm to investigate?and so do the British. Who is spying for whom? While at a Stockholm nightclub, the pretty Madeleine attracts the eye of a wealthy German playboy - the Baron Karl Von Marwitz (Conrad Veidt). Despite having a Brazilian bombshell of a girlfriend (Joan Gardner) at his side - the Baron only has eyes for Madeleine. As I mentioned, I feel this is the film's weakest aspect. I just didn't feel much chemistry between Leigh and Veidt. On the other hand, Conrad Veidt and the aforementioned Joan Gardner share one of the sexiest looking kisses I've seen from a 30's film. You don't actually see the kiss itself because the scene is shot behind Veidt's head. You do see Gardner's arms wrap around Veidt's neck, though?and the effect is very sexy indeed. This one is certainly worth a watch?for the pre-GONE WITH THE WIND Vivien Leigh and the pre-CASABLANCA Conrad Veidt?but mind what I said about the accents! 7

Areeque T (ag) wrote: Solid action flick. Bit hard to believe at times. Brings an issue to light.

Michael S (gb) wrote: This requires the willing suspension of disbelief. Good production values but too many holes in the plot.

Kenneth S (us) wrote: I hate to waste my time watching a movie that goes nowhere, and after reading some of the negative reviews almost threw in towel after the first 15 minutes, but I decided to stick with it, and it was a great decision to do that. You need to give this movie time to develop. It builds slowly, and you begin to wonder how a major point plot will resolve itself. And with very clever writing this does get resolved. The photography is excellent, and so is the cast and acting. Some nice music also. I almost want to make some comparisons to Alfred Hitchcock, or Rod Serling. However, the story turns out to total real (not supernatural or a fantasy), and there is no violence or crime. A very rewarding movie experience for the discriminating film viewer.

Tom K (ag) wrote: Exciting action and battle sequences are interrupted or delayed by unnecessarily long and drawn out emotional dialogues. Fun film nevertheless.