An extraordinary black comedy that explores the limits of survival and absurdist political power games. The story takes place in times of elections in Mexico. A candidate for Governor runs over a pregnant migrant. After the accident, and to avoid a possible scandal, he hides her in a building he owns. Pressured by his political boss and so as not to ruin his political career, the candidate evicts the migrant. In a non-realistic style, the film focuses on the stories that surround the migrant during her search for a room. A radical film, with a critical gaze, that reflects the spirit of contemporary Mexican society.

Gautham (Mahesh Babu) is in search of the identity of his parents who were killed. He faces a psychological disorder which makes the search even more difficult. taking support of sameera(... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew G (kr) wrote: This movie was surprisingly very funny and very good. Being Canadian myself I know a lot of good movies aren't made here, but this is one. Very good choices on the actors and they just did a fantastic job with the script. I love this movie

Jase W (fr) wrote: It's like P2 but not as good

Lars P (au) wrote: 2% on Tomatoemeter - the lowest score I have seen. Deserved ? No, average Seagal, average B-movie and a bunch of German actors looking out of place. Also found it goes down better with a second beer. Prost !

Joe H (de) wrote: Love the entire main series. Can not stop laughing

Pauline L (ca) wrote: Letters from a Killer has got to be one of the most misguided and completely clueless movies I've ever seen.

Eric J (mx) wrote: Kind of like "Body of Evidence". It was shot well though had a nice feel to it. but the premise was overwrought. Billy Baldwin stinks.

Steve M (au) wrote: Girls Nite Out (aka "The Scaremaker") Starring: Julia Montgomery, Hal Holbrook and Rutanya Alda Director: Robert Deubel A maniac in a bearsuit ruins a campus scavenger hunt by brutally murdering the participants. Will the chief of campus security (Holbrook) leave his office long enough to keep the bodycount in single digits and avenge the death of his own daughter at? "Girls Nite Out" is a by-the-numbers slasherfilm enhanced by "Afterschool Special"-style ups and downs in relationships. The first hour or so is intensely boring, and even when the mad killer gets going, things don't liven up much. The acting is okay, but the problem is that every character is nearly devoid of personality, being nothing more than a required figure in this type of movie (The Nympho, The Nerd, The Stoner, The Joker, The Jock, The Shrew, and so on...), so the actors have even less to do than is typical. On the other hand, "Girls Nite Out" does warn the viewers up front. I think it has probably the most boring main titles sequence of any film I've seen; I almost didn't make it through them. Plus, the bear costume as modified-by-the-killer is pretty nifty... and I guess the film can claim originality by having a basketball team mascot outfit turned into a deadly weapon. I think everyone but the world's biggest fans of slasher films can safely skip this one.

Brandon T (au) wrote: One of my favorite movies

Scott C (es) wrote: A perfect example of how to take terrific source material and turn it into a really boring film.

Chris W (it) wrote: I have a lust for blaxploitation

Orlando D (ru) wrote: Bad Influence is yet another yuppie in danger film that was so popular in the late 80's to early 90's. Here a good, but typecasted James Spader plays a nebbish yuppie who's life is turned upside down by the arrival of Rob Lowe(who is ridiculously over the top here.) Lowe is the sleazy con artist out to turn Spader from a wimp to a hellraising party boy. It starts out that Spader likes his inner demons unleashed until a girl that Spader befriends turns up dead and Lowe is trying to set him up. This is a throwaway thriller that starts off slow in the beginning then gets interesting by the middle of the movie and towards the end feels contrived. Director Curtis Hanson went on to bigger and better films(L.A. Confidential, 8 Mile.)and look for early appearences of Marcia Cross(Desperate Housewives)and David Duchovy(X-Files)overall, this is a mindless movie but well made.