1 Giant Leap

1 Giant Leap

1 Giant Leap is a concept band and media project consisting of the two principal artists, Jamie Catto and Duncan Bridgeman. This is the film part of their first project.

1 Giant Leap is a concept band and media project consisting of the two principal artists, Jamie Catto and Duncan Bridgeman. This is the film part of their first project. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Russ T (mx) wrote: Hmmmm well if you have an hour and a half with nothing better to do, find something. Strange from beginning to end. Most of it didn't make much sense. I'd say the best thing about this movie was that it's now over.

Nag G (br) wrote: kekaaaaaaaaaaa Super HIT Chaitu Rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Jen F (ru) wrote: one of the worst movies ive ever seen with even worse wigs

WS W (nl) wrote: Cute it was. But somehow it was also half-half: some very impressive, mean & hilarious lines blending with a cliched plot, & shallow, funny acting & scenario.

Alexander C (us) wrote: Im very impressed and unnerved by this film. Impressive.

S Portugue M (it) wrote: "An Understated Gem of Emotional Complexity"Set in 1940s and 50s' Britain, "Distant Voices, Still Lives" offers an intimate portrait of a working-class family dominated by a brutal patriarch. The title fittingly evokes an introspective and reflective mood, as vignettes of the now-grown children's memories weave in and around their current lives. While Davies' artful transitions, nostalgic palette, and contemplative compositions distinguish his film as worthy and commendable, the movie's true virtue lies in its understated portrayal of powerful and complex emotions, both within and between the characters.The sometimes violent and heartbreaking episodes are presented unpretentiously, making their depictions all the more harrowing and real. While a lesser director might have fallen into the trap of dehumanizing an abusive husband and father, Davies shows moments of tenderness and remorse that define the family's patriarch not as an infallible monster but as a human being, deeply flawed and unconscious as he may be. The characters demonstrate much bitterness and pain, mostly hushed or in privacy, but are not defined by their wounds. Their lighter emotions, in contrast to their private sorrows, are often shared through singing, a local custom fostering communal solidarity and sanctioning the rare public expression of feelings. While not openly sentimental, the siblings obviously love each other, their passive but devoted mother, and even---despite deep and lingering anger---their father. In cinema, the truth of human relationships is so often simplified and emotions so ostentatiously expressed, that Davies' depiction of subdued ambivalence, shared joy, unstated love, and personal sorrow is a gem of authentic drama and true compassion.However, for all the excellent qualities of "Distant Voices, Still Lives," the narrative loses focus toward the end and concludes in a manner that, though artistically logical, leaves one feeling dissatisfied. The expansion of the siblings' social world in adulthood to include close friends and spouses follows a natural progression and continues the theme of familial conflict, yet the multiplication of relationships dilutes the film's essence of intensely intimate family dynamics. Also, the movie's lack of a distinct narrative arc makes it difficult to suggest a satisfying conclusion. Unfortunately, the disappointment of being denied an excellent ending only deepens with the increasing excellence of a film. Despite these minor and perhaps unavoidable flaws, Davies has created an aesthetic and evocative film, one with much to offer to a patient and empathic viewer.

Tim J (ca) wrote: just gory fun, not to be taken as horror gold.

Marco P (ca) wrote: Sincerely... there are a lot of cliches, nothing is new, there are some good screen shots took in "Vietnam", but at the end the whole thing is made in Philippines etc...and the whole movies is a fake...I'm sorry I watched it all but I didn't liked it.It does not give a lot of the sense of team and the marines?...it's all a little general, to general...to superficial.

Pam H (gb) wrote: One of the very best films I've ever seen. Don't trust the reviewers!

Stephen G (kr) wrote: This movie is very clever and can be thoroughly enjoyed by those who know nothing about video games and incredibly enjoyable to those who know a great deal about video games and can catch on to all the references. The story and characters are top-notch and pleasantly light-hearted. This should have won the oscar for best animated feature.

Michael C (mx) wrote: Will present a false view of heaven that people will accept anyway because they don't know their bible.