10,000 Hours

10,000 Hours

A senator is forced to go on the run after killing a judge and fights to clear his name.

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Sean D (ag) wrote: It was....umm...different. Take the tired and tried method of zombie dealings and escalate it with the introduction of robots who can annihilate them. The flown of the movie was pretty good, we had a fairly basic beginning, introduction of one of the main characters, then that character is introduced to another main, and then that main shows the other main the other characters in her group, and then escape the city that's getting bombed to get rid of all the zombies. Nothing special. Except the robots. Fun movie, not violent at all. Not graphic. Totally worth a watch.

Jeff D (es) wrote: Saw this at Cinema Village. Audience loved it. Personally I loved Louisa Krause who plays King Kelly. It a pretty unhinged breakout performance.

Chirag M (ru) wrote: This is the worst hindi movie I have ever seen

Sarah F (kr) wrote: I wonder what this is about, i think ill see it!

Thomas G (br) wrote: Your "art" is silly, like a child saying "look at me"

Nader O (jp) wrote: For shit lovers only

Greg W (es) wrote: #2 in Rohmer's comedies & proverbs

Jess L (nl) wrote: A classic with two of my all time favourites; Garland and Astaire. Simply beautiful, unforgettable and enjoyable.

Ca M (br) wrote: It's well acted and shot but it doesn't go much further than that. It's like a short story out of a Raymond Carver novel. Which one of the characters just happens to be reading. It works well for books but maybe not so much for movies. This was short look at at families life and the ending leaves you saying... what? its done? Thats all?

Clintus M (de) wrote: The Conspirator is one of the best true story/historical films I've seen. Nothing needed to have been added or taken from this accurate accounting of events for dramatic purposes. Without exaggeration, this is a legal story like no other; this is much more fascinating than fiction. I thought I knew this story, but I really didn't know the facts at all-just the headlines involving Booth. Those involved in this project did masterful jobs. Robert Redford crafts a revealing look at the rush to judgement. This tale of scapegoat justice is just as applicable in our time as in 1865. McAvoy and Wilkinson are spectacular, and Robin Wright displays a stoic sort of grace I haven't seen before. I can't imagine another actress capturing this woman's essence any better.