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10:10 torrent reviews

Erik M (jp) wrote: Ryan Munzert is simply amazing

Pradosh B (au) wrote: (Watched it two weeks back but didnt get around to post a review)One of the most over-hyped and unworthy releases of the year. Billed as a horror movie - it generated countless laughs as the audience found the directors desperate attempts for scaring rather silly. The trick of focusing on inanimate objects was used WAY too many times to elicit any other reaction other than derision.Barring one genuinely scary scene with a mirror, there was nothing remotely scary in the movie. The actors do their role well, but with such a weak script - its not their fault And the ending was just too zany - in short, nothing good in this movie ... go watch The Ring agian for some real horror :)

Aya T (de) wrote: Touching, great story.

Alejandra P (ru) wrote: Muuuuy buenaaaaaaa, pero que pocaaaaaaa se pasan pobres nioooos!! Super impactanteee =S ... Ricarditooo es super genial jajajaja bien cagadin Holaaa Hermana Pedorra!! jajajaja

Pamela H (ag) wrote: Hmmm....if you just like Gianna Jun is ok, but the movie itself was a waste of time.

Arpita M (es) wrote: Takes me back to a simpler time...

Michelle C (nl) wrote: i love this movie ;-)

Easton D (de) wrote: One of the finest endings ever. Mario Bava is probably more famous for his horror flicks but this little mean-spirited crime film that no doubt inspired Tarantino is probably his best.

EJ W (nl) wrote: Absolutely beautiful.

Sergio D (gb) wrote: Anthony Perkins is great in this movie, as well as Ingrid Bergman. A film that doesn't romanticize relationships, but instead shows a gritty perspective of what they sometimes are. Look for a cameo by Yul Brynner a.k.a Ramses (The Ten Commandments).

Jey A (ag) wrote: One letter away from disaster.

Shin B (jp) wrote: To Me, This Is A VERY Touching Documentary On The Boxing Legend's Life. Lots Of Interviews With His Children And Others Around Him Including Mike Tyson. You See File Footages Of Him Outside Of The Ring And Limelight As Well As Recordings Of Him And His Children. By Comparison, This Was WAY Better Than The 2001 Biopic Starring Will Smith...

Kerby H (jp) wrote: Definitely the best musical I've ever seen. It's funny, the songs are great, and it's epic on a grand scale. Overall, enjoyable.

Matthew B (de) wrote: Fifty Shades of Grey looks great compared to this.