A Hollywood songwriter goes through a mid-life crisis and becomes infatuated with a sexy blonde newlywed.

A Hollywood songwriter goes through a mid-life crisis and becomes infatuated with a sexy blond newlywed. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joe S (ca) wrote: Must-see film. I'm quite familiar with the story of "The Raiders Guys", but I didn't know half the tale. So much more than just the "remade Raiders as kids", which is epic enough on its own. Emotional and even shocking at times. Brilliant doc.

Steve S (br) wrote: A cheap "Friday" knock-off. Fourty-five minutes in and I still had no idea where this movie was headed.

Carlos T (us) wrote: An intriguing and well paced legal thriller which hits the nail on the head. Acting is on point all round especially from George Clooney and Tulsa Swindon respectively. Michael Clayton is an attorney who is solving a case which involves his friend Arthur and along the way stumbles across several obstacles. For film fans, this is unmissable as audiences are treated to an exquisite screenplay by Tony Gilroy who also takes the directors seat. Overall, it's thought provoking and comes highly recommended!

Thomasena N (de) wrote: Not as funny as the first.

Jeff F (mx) wrote: Loved this movie. It showed me the true spirit of indie film making. Also pretty accurate except for the geeks getting laid all the time.

Jimmy H (us) wrote: Wow, I must have watched a million zombie films and every time I think I've seen the worst another film comes along to take the prize... But seriously what's not to love about this really bad zombie film. Actually made in 88 and produced by Sam Raimi under the pseudonym The Master Cylinder. Listen out for Bruce Campbell who voices the main character, also named Raimi. This is a true old style B-grade zombie flick. The blood, the gore the bad acting, it's all here in bucket loads. Definately for diehard fans only.

Zaar D (it) wrote: a different kind of shark....

Ashley C (au) wrote: The sort of film you have to take on its own terms or not at all; even more amusing than some of the improvised dialogue was watching people leave the theater at the half-hour mark, the hour mark, the 80-minute mark, the 120-minute mark....I'm curious as to just how much fore- or afterthought Warhol put into this. The very structure - several half-hour reels of film (what stock were they using???) with no cuts - suggests a chips-fall-where-they-may approach, yet some of the side-by-side compositions seemed to suggest a meticulous point and counterpoint approach - the audio in one shot commenting on the mise-en-scene of the other, one camera movement complementing the other - and I still don't know if this was intentional or if it was just my brain trying to discern patterns in the chaos that was thrust in front of it.Also, I think I'm in love with Mary Waronov.

Laurel S (br) wrote: Good but not my favorite.

Charlie W (gb) wrote: Such A Great Classic You Will Need No Sugar To Get This Medicine Go Down Trust Me

Lee F (br) wrote: this is one of the forever greats. I defy you to not smile and hum and tap your feet...and cry a little, too. this is a once a year must.

Thomas K (jp) wrote: It is, indeed, a silly, silly film but the images are unsurpassed. I loved it when it first was released and I find I love it more with each passing year.