10 jours en or

10 jours en or

French movie written and directed by Nicolas Brossette and starring Franck Dubosc.

Bajau Marc travels the country on behalf of a clothing brand. He loves this life on the road, free from coercion and made a night of meetings. But when he starts a new tour to promote his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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10 jours en or torrent reviews

Duff W (es) wrote: Funny, violent, witty, gritty and Jude Law at his best, what's not to like?

Matthew S (ag) wrote: Beautiful and highly under-rated.

Gavin P (au) wrote: not quite sure if this is an actual film - it's more a home-made patchwork of sketches/fights. It's obviously notable for being Clement's first role, but the songs in it a ripoffs, the fights & CGI are really poor, the voices are dubbed and the story is lame. There's a few funny jokes, but overall - even for an ultra-low-budget movie - there's not enough to enjoy.

John S (ru) wrote: It was ok. Different, but I expected it to be more exciting with that type of score.

Jim B (fr) wrote: One of my favorite dark comedies.

Mickey L (us) wrote: This movie is complete crap. Its a sequel mixed with prequel meaning it shifts back and forth between present time, and goes back to when Norman was a teenager, showing the progressiveness of how he became the killer he turned into. It was a boring hour and a half made for TV movie. Skip it. just stick with the first two

Adam S (mx) wrote: Its message is not as powerful as in "Godzilla," but those who enjoyed that movie are likely to fall in love with "Rodan."

Lovro H (mx) wrote: So, this was an interesting movie... First of all, I'd like to say I have a soft spot for horror movies that have a sense of humour and are self aware. That being said, I thought this movie was very fun. Very ridiculous and sometimes over the top, but very fun. The story is about this sales company which isn't doing very well, so the manager decides to hire a vampire to help with the sales. Yeah... There's more to the story, but explaining the character relationships would make this review much longer than it needs to be. All that you need to know is that there's a guy in the office who wanted the spot the new guy got and now he's pissed at him. There is much more comedy than horror in this movie and it works well for most of the time. The movie doesn't take itself serious at all. It's very self aware. For once a horror comedy actually knows it's a horror comedy. The acting was not really good. Many of the actors felt awkward and cringe-worthy to say the least, but it also kind of worked for their characters, but then again, it was bad acting. The movie looks cool. It reminded me a lot of The Office [UK]. The setting and the characters really feel like a vampire version of The Office. The blood and gore effects are great. The ending battle was fun, gory and funny all at the same time. The jokes didn't work all the time, but it will make you chuckle at least. All in all, from the comedy point of view, it's pretty good, and from the horror point of view, it's not very good. The acting was bad, the characters were awkward, but the movie was still very entertaining, self aware and bloody.