100 Minutes of Glory

100 Minutes of Glory

True story about the tragic life of a famous late 19th century deaf female Croatian watercolor painter Slava Raškaj.

True story about the tragic life of a famous late 19th century deaf female Croatian watercolor painter Slava Raskaj. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cameron F (br) wrote: All this is a confusing political,crime,drama with mark Wahlberg as a privet eye detective and Russell Crowe is for some reason dressing up as Donald Trump.

Adam F (au) wrote: Bloodrayne: The Third ReichRating: 1 / 5So Bad It's Good Rating: 4 / 5"Bloodrayne: The Third Reich" is a return to form for the franchise because although the movie is a total disaster, at least this film is so bad it becomes entertaining again. In case you're not familiar with the franchise, it stars Rayne (Natassia Malthe), a woman who was born a dhampir (so half human, half vampire) after her vampire father (only appearing in the first film and played by Ben Kingsley) raped her human mother. After gaining a series of magical artifacts, Rayne is now able to resist Holy Water and sunlight (see the events of the first Bloodrayne for more details!) This time around, her travels have brought her to 1943 Europe, right in the heart of WWII. After attacking a group of Nazis about to deliver a shipment of Jews to a concentration camp, Rayne is injured and accidentally turns high-ranking Nazi officer Eckart Brand (played by Michael Par) into a vampire when some of her blood flies into his mouth and he manages to survive her attack. Armed with this new weapon, the war could be over and the world overrun with an army of Nazi vampires if Rayne doesn't do something. She teams up with a group of rebels to take down the German menace.The BloodRayne series was never actually any good but as goofy fun, it had some merits. The first film had gratuitous sex, over-the-top violence and some really unintentionally hilarious scenes. It also had some big stars given some terrible dialogue and some action sequences that must have been taken straight out of a video game because they made nearly no sense (I still scratch my head thinking of the monastery with the ogre living in the basement and the room full of moving buzz saws). The second movie was dull. The violence was mostly gun play, there was no nudity and characters were introduced and dropped left and right. A real stinker. "Bloodrayne 3" brings it back around to the beginning. There's more blood, action and some gore (including a man clutching some sausage links that are supposed to be his intestines). There's more nudity and sex, some of which makes no sense and most of which has no bearing on the plot whatsoever. One example is a lesbian sex scene between Rayne and a female prostitute. It comes out of nowhere and it's totally gratuitous. Oh, there are also Nazi vampires!Don't get me wrong though, this movie is pretty awful. There are plot holes and continuity errors consistently throughout the film. In the opening scene for example, a German officer is sneaking up on Rayne and has a clear shot to the back of her head... yet when he fires, he hits her in the shoulder! During the middle, the rebels are getting ready to attack the Nazi vampires but don't bother to bring anything with them that could help like holy water or crosses and instead just bring normal guns which they know are useless. My favorite of all though is at the very end of the movie where for no reason the Germans have locked up Rayne and her love interest Nathaniel together, without any handcuffs or anything. To the movie's credit though, this feels less like a mistake and more like a way to shoehorn in another scene where Natassia Malthe takes off her clothes. Seriously, she is naked a lot in the movie and when she isn't, her cleavage is prominent at all times. In fact I would say that her Rayne's breasts form roughly one third of her personality because other than the fact that she's easily angered, likes to solve her problems by cutting people up and is a vampire, the only thing we know about her is that she likes sex a lot. The acting is bad all around and all of the characters are flat. Some are almost given a personality, like Doctor Mangler (Clint Howard) who is so over-the-top that he becomes hilarious. How do you not just give up trying to rationalize the scientific workings of a vampire when you've determined that holy water affects them?The best thing about the movie though (well, except for Natassia Malthe's... acting talents) is the running time. This movie is bad but it comes in and gets out quick. At just over an hour and twelve minutes (and that includes the opening credits but not the end ones) You will be laughing at the final confrontation between the main bad guys and our heroes so hard that all before you know it, the movie's over. That means the movie is never boring and brings in some good laughs. If you're looking for a good movie, don't even come close to this one; it's terrible! But if you want something fun to watch with your friends, grab "BloodRayne" and "Bloodrayne: The Third Reich" and show them as a double feature. The second movie has no bearings on the overall story so just skip it and watch your friends' jaws drop. (Unrated version on Dvd, Oct 4, 2013)

Alexis G (jp) wrote: Very weak plot, just senseless carnage.. Only saving grace was Francis Ng.. but even he couldn't help it from turning into a martial art movie with a BAD taste..

Marcus D (de) wrote: Delightful story of personal discovery.

Camden N (kr) wrote: Proof that even the awesome Mr. Lynch can make mistakes. I won't deny there are some eerie moments (such as an unsettling and unexpected scream, and the demon rabbit) but overall this was pretty boring. I really hated the parts where the rabbits would say weird poetry to the audience before vanishing.One thing I did like was the way the whole thing, except for a close-up of a telephone, was filmed in the same wide angle shot of the set. The set reminded me of a dollhouse, and it's still strange to think this was filmed on a full-sized set to me because it looks so miniature. It's probably just me, but in any case I really liked the effect it had.All in all, I considered this movie a waste of time, but the way Mr. Lynch incorporated it into his film Inland Empire was great. My advice: watch Inland Empire instead.

Josh S (ag) wrote: If only there were more movies like this.

Yves M (de) wrote: The opening scene says it all. Hard, dark and without any hope. Great acting from all, especially Roth and Furlong.

Paul D (jp) wrote: An endearing take on the war with a special place in our DVD collection because we live down the road from where John Boorman grew up and where the early days are set (carshalton, rosehill avenue, fact fans)

Graham M (ru) wrote: Packed with humour, fun moments and 80s cheese, but for a family film, it's surprisingly un-family friendly.

Michael H (br) wrote: The contrivances and coincidences are a bit clumsy at times but the interesting and often effective POV experiment, Bacall's casually tough sensuality (which the POV experiment allows us to linger on), the loving San Francisco cinematography, and the delightfully chewy supporting performances more than make up for it. Even for the hokey coda where we seem to returned for a visit to Rick's Cafe.

Robert B (ru) wrote: Der Letzte Mann (F. W. Murnau, 1924)Now, before I even start, I will tell you this: I understand that what I'm going to complain about in this movie is its very point. That didn't make it any less annoying. Which is admittedly an odd thing to say about a film I'm rating as highly as I am, and a Murnau film at that, but allow me some leeway here. The first hour of this movie (released in English-speaking countries as The Last Laugh) is pure, solid-gold Murnau, so vastly depressing that one cannot truly enjoy it unless one has a finely-developed sense of Schadenfreude. Emil Jannings plays a hotel doorman who lives for his job, but thanks to a misunderstanding is fired, after which his life spirals out of control. It's ugly and heartbreaking and beautifully-shot, and Emil Jannings may have never given a better performance. Had the movie ended with the depression, it would probably be one of the great works of film.But such was not to be. The studio was unimpressed, and demanded a happy ending, leading Murnau to create the final seventeen minutes of the film. His annoyance with the studio bleeds through; the entire extended scene is garish, overdone. It is entirely unlike the rest of the film, and it's pretty bad. Which is not a reason to not watch the movie, not by any means, because that first hour is so excellent. But be prepared, ultimately, for a letdown. *** 1/2

RJ W (ag) wrote: superbly directed. sad it failed, napster changed everything

Charlie M (it) wrote: A warriors family is murdered and after years of enslavement he seeks revenge upon the murderer. Excellent adaptation with strong performance by Earl Jones.

t w (gb) wrote: This is movie is so awful that its great