101 Chodhyangal?

101 Chodhyangal?

Story of a 12 year old boy given a task of framing 101 questions by his teacher- without worrying about the answers. The plot moves around his life and the questions - that are intertwined ...

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101 Chodhyangal? torrent reviews

Ali K (ca) wrote: good evening mr malik???

Pia R (gb) wrote: The funny side of Uma and quite believeable in this type of movie too. Nothing "new" in the story for those who have been mothers of small children.Probably just annoys those who ARE now in the situation, and the ones who have never lived that phase probably cant see the point. Maybe it is a movie for a bit older mums who can look back and nod with understanding?

Sausages M (br) wrote: Charming black comedy, although it has to be said it's a tad predictable. Thankfully Maggie Smith is absolutely brilliant and has perfect comic timing. Worth a watch, even with that silly ending.

Edgar C (ca) wrote: The film unfolds in post-apocalyptic Yokohama, 2364, and the future looks just like, well... present day! Must I excuse Miike's low budget for his extensive, prolific filmography? That's the question. To say that this is not Miike's style would be misleading, since he has around 10 different direction styles. The slow pace and the spoofs of sci-fi concepts actually help to enhance the post-apocalyptic atmosphere, and the yellow color is not as annoying as one would expect, but not even the funny Tetsuo reference in the final fight scene made of this a sufficiently strong guilty pleasure. 74/100

Private U (us) wrote: bole toh ekdum mast hai!!! treat for govinda fans

Sancar S (ru) wrote: Interesting Tykwer. His last efforts.

Fred M (ru) wrote: Amorosa relacin padre-hijo. El padre sobreprotector aprender a confiar en su hijo discapacitado, quien a su vez demostrar lo grandes que son sus capacidades. 3.5/10

Jairo A (nl) wrote: Red Planet is not a bad movie but it does disappoint. It started really good and it was cool to see AMEE's role in the movie but they rush through the most important thing in the movie, the living "creatures" they find on the planet!!! WHY???? This was a huge weakness to me! The acting was good enough but not incredible in any way.

John W (gb) wrote: Starring Topol and Norma Crane. In director Norman Jewison's words, "It's the story of a man and his God, and his problems with his five daughters." Jewison took a successful gamble by casting the role of Tevye with the Israeli actor Topol rather than use Zero Mostel, who originated the part of Broadway. Topol's understated performance is in direct contrast to Mostel, whose over-the-top antics worked best on stage. The beautiful cinematography has an earthy quality which emphasizes the importance of the land in which the story is set -- that would be early 20th-century Ukraine, by the way.