101 Reykjavík

101 Reykjavík

Thirty-year-old Hlynur still lives with his mother and spends his days drinking, watching porn and surfing the net while living off unemployment checks. A girl is interested in him, but he ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:88 minutes
  • Release:2000
  • Language:Icelandic,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dancer,   based on novel,   snow,  

Thirty-year-old Hlynur still lives with his mother and spends his days drinking, watching porn and surfing the net while living off unemployment checks. A girl is interested in him, but he ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rob L (br) wrote: I enjoy an arthouse film as much as the next person and am fully prepared to concentrate on a movie, no matter how oblique its message. In addition to this, I love Thailand and a chance to see the country in a film stewarded by an acclaimed director, left me keenly anticipating Weerasethakul's offering. I'm afraid, however, that my enjoyment of this movie was hampered by its wilful and self-conscious effort to appeal to film critics. Sure, the portrait of rural and urban Thailand as it develops is interesting, the cinematography is lush and the cadences of the Thai language are beautifully soft - but there was too much debt to Antonioni in a film that changes direction at a whim, feeling no need to develop a consistent narrative. One feels an impulse to drift away in thought as the largely sympathetic characters go about their business. Buddhist notions of reincarnation supply the director with an excuse to use too wide a palate for me, but I would give another film of his a try.

Prakkash R (kr) wrote: The Flixster guys cant even say which year it was released in, so u can imagine what a piece of trash it is. BTW ants are not supposed to be made of moulded fibre ... hear that mr. director ?

EpicLadySponge t (de) wrote: Could be a TV movie instead.

Matthew M (ag) wrote: Way too long and boring

bill s (kr) wrote: Purely for the profit movie.....really no other way to put it.

Nichole G (fr) wrote: I remember when i was young my aunt rented this movie and i was in the living room watching it too and it stuck with me..i really liked it

William B (es) wrote: Drew a lot of positive feedback when it opened back in the early 1990s, but I am not sure it holds up. Pretty dull.

Charles S (ca) wrote: so depressing. R Lee Ermy at his most abusively awesome

Troy F (ca) wrote: Maximum Overdrive has a wildy bizarre concept and the opening is amazingly hilarious, but makes a big build-up that the rest of the film doesn't live up to. The beginning escalated this whole idea of machines running on their own and killing people to a exciting degree, and then stopped to a halt and decided to stay at a truck stop for the 3/4 of the film. I think it's still fairly enjoyable at just how there's this conflict of what's intended to be silly and taken seriously, especially because Stephen King's story usually don't intend to be awfully comical like this film ended up being, and watching this with friends is best for enjoying its crazy dialogue and ludicrous action. It disappoints for not living up to what it could've been, but I recommend it as a fairly amusing bad movie.

Barnaby M (br) wrote: A sadly forgotten and underrated classic drama of 1980s cinema, with career best performances from Albert Finney & Diane Keaton. It's a highly emotional film, but not sappy. Endlessly rewatchable.

Scott R (br) wrote: It seems like they were trying to recreate a wholesome Animal House. It was fun and had some surprisingly good humor at times that caught me off guard. The whole pbr thing was pretty unusual for Disney.

Eric R (au) wrote: Dan Proctor, a doctor, arrives at the home of his brother with an emotionally vulnerable and unstable woman, Evelyn, who he seems to be smitten for. At the house, Evelyn becomes obsessed with Dan's brother Douglas, who is happily married. This sets off a chain of events that will push towards tragedy. Guest in the House is a noirish, brooding melodrama which is really centered around Evelyn Heath. Much of the film follows Evelyn's ability to manipulate the home situation between Douglas and his wife, as well as the housekeepers as she connives to have Douglas all to herself. Anne Baxter really is fantastic as the emotionally unstable Evelyn Heath. Everything about her performance feels volatile, yet conniving as I just found myself waiting for her to completely snap. She plays the part perfectly capturing the child-like emotional puppy love, as well as the subtle rage which exists in Evelyn. It's really a complicated character that showcases fragility, rage, naivety and cunning which Ann Baxter really captures perfectly. Brahm does use some internal dialogue to better show the personality disorder and internal affliction which Anne suffers, but its only used a few times as a way to show her pure thoughts to the viewer. Almost every scene in the film takes place in the house, creating this claustrophobic feeling which aids the film. Brahm pulls out all the stops from the lightning and thunder, lamps piercing the dark rooms and looming shadows to create an atmospheric setting for which the film to unfold in.

Riley H (ru) wrote: This was certainly high concept for the time. It doesn't quite work despite some okay effects for the time. Part of the problem is it's pretty hard to understand what's going on. Is this a parody? If it is, it's hard to tell (I am unfamiliar with the play, but frankly this isn't consistently funny enough). I certainly felt the ending was very much like Murder by Death, but I thought it was serious. Who knows?

Nins L (nl) wrote: Classic animation,showing that courage and good in people exist to a level where they would do anything and everything to save what's precious to them!

Another V (kr) wrote: Minority Report is an action-packed futuristic sci fi thriller directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Cruise.It's set in a futuristic 2054, with a lot of futuristic technology, some of which is already here. We already have thermal scanners and the early stages of biometric scanners.One of the prime themes in Minority Report is precognition. Three Precogs are kept floating in a little pool in a state of sleep, milked for their nightmares of actual murders. An enterprising guy contrived to use the Precogs, like animals, and the PreCrime Unit was created. PreCrime detection has brought the murder rate in Washington DC to about 0, a phenomenal success. Now, someone from the Attorney General's office is looking into it, with the possibility of expanding the system nationwide, which I don't see how would work since the PreCogs can only sense murders in a 200 mile radius, right? And there are only 3 of them, so in order to expand it nationwide, you'd need to create more PreCogs by giving more pregnant women the drugs that caused it, which we find out is fatal for nearly all children born this way. Dilemmas which they don't really get into in this.Detective John Anderton, whose own son was murdered before the PreCrime system went into effect, works relentlessly as a member of the PreCrime Team to stop murders before they happen. When this supposedly failproof murder detection system says that Anderton himself is going to commit a murder, Anderton goes on the run and tries to figure out what is going on and why. He is in a race against time and a race against getting caught. It doesn't help that almost everywhere he goes, scanning technologies identify him.With all the action and suspense, it's easy to overlook multiple characters who seemed to be strangely odd, possibly sexually deviant. For example, the guy who takes care of the PreCogs. He seems to especially like Agatha. And the surgeon and his naughty nurse who change out Anderton's eyes? Wow.

Sarah L (de) wrote: I stopped half way through . . . it was strangely bizarre and boring at the same time.

Rohitashwa S (kr) wrote: Its sad to see potential go to waste. Especially, when the potential and the originality is so rare, so moving. The first one hour of the film is a masterpiece, an extraordinary script where nothing much happens and yet everything happens. Sean Penn never fails to surprise, always manages to pluck up something new, and this has to be one of his best performances. Robin Wright is simply brilliant as the yound wife, torn between love and fear, desire and duty, and ultimately between herself and her husband. James Gandolfini puts in a little gem, as he arrives for a short while as the man who attempts a sexual assualt on his neighbourhood house-wive, attempting to lure her with whisky and blues. Simply, the first half-hour brings on a platter the likes of Woody Allen, Martin Scorscese, even bits of Altman. THe audience starts expecting that the film will lead them to a rare realm of cinematic experience. But unfortunately for 'She's so Lovely', it stops there, although there are a few stunning dialogues in there as well. But the problem, the big hole in the entire project is the script. The film ultimately feels like a project on which the people had started working with a script only half-done, with the other half only loosely at the back of their minds. What should have been a great saga on human frailties turns out to be a slugfest between two men who have been married to the same woman. The ultimate message, although sounds beautiful and sonorous, is way to confused,(She doesn't love you, she doesn't love me, she is de lovely!). The strings fall apart from the script, and fittingly even penn looks at a loss as to what he's supposed to do at that point. Ultimately, what saves this film is the memorable first half hour, the depth of the chemistry between sean penn and his eventual real-life wife robin wright penn. A few excerpts - "The world is ruled by seven women and a computer" Eddie telling his daughter, "I didn't come here for you, I came her for my wife. I didn't marry you." and then telling her again, "We can't be best-friends, cause you'll have a lot of best friends throughout your life. But we should be second best-friends. There's only ever one second best friend." Watch it for the performances, for the potential. Don't watch it if you have something better to do.