102 Dalmatians

102 Dalmatians

Get ready for a howling good time as an all new assortment of irresistible animal heroes are unleashed in this great family tail! In an unlikely alliance, the outrageous Waddlesworth... a parrot who thinks he's a Rottweiler... teams up with Oddball... an un-marked Dalmation puppy eager to earn her spots! Together they embark on a laugh-packed quest to outwit the ever-scheming Cruella De Vil

Wildly wicked, ever-scheming Cruella De Vil gets out of prison and goes after parole officer's dogs, Dipstick and his puppies, once more to get her ultimate Dalmatian coat. 102 Dalmatians then is filled with chases, close calls, hilarious antics and thrilling escapes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


102 Dalmatians torrent reviews

Gordon M (jp) wrote: great road trip , wish it was me

Derek T (us) wrote: Slash and gore is all this was about. Thoughtless plot. So dumb.

Beau D (au) wrote: Alec Guinness is beyond amazing in this movie.

Adrian Z (kr) wrote: Director Sam Peckinpah has created here a suspense movie in which tension is truly ratcheted to breaking point, and then unleashed in a flurry of violence that is as shocking as it is effective. Hoffman is quiet excellent as a pacifist who moves to the peace and quiet of the English countryside, only to find his wife (Susan George) becomes the target for a gang of lusty village men. That their latent marriage problems become increasingly visible as the threat of violence escalates is yet another masterful stroke going the film's way.