11 x 14

11 x 14

65 shots making up a cryptically alluded-to narrative: a lesbian couple's Midwest travels, a hitchhiking young man's journeys, the story of a man who may be having an affair.

One of the most widely praised American avant-garde films in recent years, James Benning's 1977 feature is a laconic mosaic of single-shot sequences, each offering some sort of image/sound ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Antonio T (mx) wrote: Emocionante, llena de suspenso y con una trama ingeniosa; Misteriosa Obsesin te dejar paranoico.

Carlos M (br) wrote: With wonderful performances from an excellent cast, this extremely important, heartbreaking and infuriating drama exposes the revolting indifference and intolerance of American authorities in the early years of the AIDS epidemics - something that cost the lives of a lot of gays.

Ps G (ag) wrote: Don't miss this one.

Martin K (us) wrote: Very heavily inspired by Philip K Dick, this movie seems to mix two basic concepts from Mr. Dick, namely: Alien attack on a homeworld via a high-tech element (Cf. "The Imposter" / "Imposter") and memory implants (cf. "We Can Remember It For You Wholesale" / "Total recall").A good combo, and they pulled it off, even with a surprise twist at the end (which with its implications for the story as a whole is too far from Dick's dark and cynic universe to fit that well into his style though).

Kevin N (ag) wrote: A little flat, but a good story overall

Conor D (es) wrote: Definitely more of a superhero film than the last movie, it takes spectacle to the max and is ridiculous in all the right ways.

Arij A (ag) wrote: aI don't like this movie , weak idea both in relationship by mistake bay 22 years from thier age to paid the price of this mistake

Alex B (it) wrote: It is like the fast and the furious of pool. Terrible acting and a really bad story. Color of money was way better!

Jamie C (ag) wrote: Spawn is again the kind of film that feels like a cheap Ps2 game, Ok the story is pretty good even though it's not told in great detail, The effects were pretty poor and the acting just as bad, Some ok action scenes but nothing great, It tries too hard to appeal to the younger viewers which made the film feel corny and silly, Never known much about the Spawn comics so just going on the film itself it's pretty dull and lackluster but maybe fans of Spawn will like it better.

Alexander C (ru) wrote: Very funny and comical

Paul D (gb) wrote: A cold war setting seems a little out of place for a Disney made drama, but it's not a badly made film even if it's got more of a smattering of western propaganda to it.

J L (es) wrote: This movie came out a year before the finding of the Titanic. This movie is what gave me the Titanic bug. It's an alright movie.. that's about it.

John C (br) wrote: A good cheapo: It has a sleazy vibe and also an important message. The beginning is a bit dreary, but when the young Tommy Lee Jones turns up the film gets cracking. CHECK IT OUT.

Private U (br) wrote: Just saw this, and it has everything. Double crossing Nazi hookers, great sets and costumes, high tech recording gear, and did I mention the Zebra skin rug?

Lee M (es) wrote: Vigilante-justice film flickers between camp and chauvinism, slam-bang action and sexist idiocy. Best enjoyed with your tongue firmly in cheek and your political correctness gene locked out in the backyard.

Jenni R (au) wrote: Cheesy love story, but loved it otherwise.

Scott W (gb) wrote: Slightly lacklustre penultimate entry in the Johnny Weissmuller Tarzan series sees Tarzan, Boy and Jane protecting the animals of the jungle from some greedy trappers. Barton MacLane is the villainous trapper leader who is eaten by one of his own lions - he drowned in quicksand as the villain two years previously in Tarzan and the Amazons! One of the strangest imaginable endings sees Cheetah parachuting from a plane whilst applying lipstick!!

Bryan B (it) wrote: Brain-Blisteringly-Beautifuly-Baffeling Parable............if you don't get it the first time.....

Angelica K (br) wrote: This movie is a mess. I haven't read the books, but I can imagine there is a lot of backstory that they kind of tried to stuff into the movie. Ugh...