123 is a 2002 Tamil film directed by K. Subash. The film stars Prabhu Deva, Jyothika, Raju Sundaram and Nagendra Prasad in lead roles.

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Javier V (jp) wrote: Uff, pocas veces puedo decir que un documental realmente me mantenga con toda mi atencin puesta en lo que me presentan y aunque la mayora de esto es pura entrevista, creo que logra tambi (C)n presentarnos los dos lados de la moneda: la del culpable y la de la justicia y preguntarnos, qui (C)nes son realmente los terroristas? Y conocer que dentro de los grupos ambientalistas existe la traicin y que los grupos de poder, como la polica, son ms terroristas en su forma de actuar y dejar de nuevo mal a Estados Unidos que an no hace ni lo polticamente correcto, ni lo socialmente aceptable.

Scott C (ru) wrote: A somber, gut-wrenching love story. Matt Dillon and Naomi Watts are perfectly cast here. I find the criticisms of this movie's lack of authenticity to be completely baffling. There are millions of people all over the world who live like this and it all felt completely legit, based on what I've experienced in my own life.

Mike T (au) wrote: As much as I hate to admit it, this was my guilty pleasure of 2010. Such a good movie. I mean, looking back at that year, it shouldn't have been a "guilty pleasure" but at the time it was so underrated and great!!! Of course now, as I become one of "the people", Marmaduke becomes crap, but at the time oh so good of a movie! and underrated too! excellent storytelling excellent different experience of a movie.

Vanessa W (it) wrote: Schner Weihnachtsfilm, sehr emotional und mitrei?end. Hab tatschlich die eine oder andere Trne vergossen. *schnff*

Manny C (mx) wrote: At some point I fell asleep...

peter g (ca) wrote: watched trailer thought it was crap

Dan t (mx) wrote: h.njkkkhxtd56->. bsfhhhghlkhkj.,,k,, 45-&>3sgbjjjhhnjjjij

Nate T (ca) wrote: Jerry Lewis plays both humor and drama well here. However, there is a slight tone of boredom in Lewis' tone when he speaks. Oliver Platt almost single-handedly carries the bulk of this film. The cast here is in good form.

Dave R (br) wrote: Neglected and sharply observant take on blokey surf culture that still rules today as much as on the beach, in football clubs etc because mysogyny ha snot died.

Indira S (us) wrote: the "Snow" sequence with Michael caine in it is my favorite :)

Yr E (mx) wrote: Claudette Colbert and Henry Fonda make a beautiful couple on the screen.John Carradine is very good.A solid and impressive work from Ford. A must see for western lovers as well as early settlers cinema.This is a story of people who built America.

Conrad S (it) wrote: This film isn't juts for lovers of photography, or even lovers of art. This documentary is the tale of a real life mystery, a character study of somebody so talented yet so reclusive. It documents the little known life of Vivian Maier, a skilled photographer disguised as a Nanny. The creator of this documentary, John Maloof, buys some photo negatives at an auction, just to realise that they are masterfully crafted. He finds an address and phone number, contacts the person, and finds out Maier died a year or two before. From there he continues to discover all she owned, the different tellings from all people who knew her, and her secretive nature. Discovering both great and terrible things about a person that seems to be shrouded in mystery is truly fascinating. The people involve all tell very different stories, give very different names, and very different histories. This documentary is a blast for anyone, due to the flow of the mystery. You want answers. Sometimes you don't get them. The tale is surprisingly straightforward for such a huge mystery, which allows an easy watch. The artwork is wonderful, and all those who are interviewed have something to say. The only real problem I have is the obsessive and sometimes over-determined nature of our lead, as it constantly feels like an invasion of privacy. Other than that a wonderful film and a wonderful mystery.

Dot L (br) wrote: Although Pride has a predictable plot, this true story is inspiring. The film is also supported by a fantastic soundtrack.

william m (de) wrote: Seems straight out of a Twilight Zone. Maybe it was just me, but by the end I was way more on Ethan's side than Sophie's side. I think they film would have been even deeper if they would have made both Ethan and Sophie equally flawed.