13 Dead Men

13 Dead Men

Set in a prison, a death row inmate has a secret and the warden will go to any lengths to get it. Things dont go as planned as you would expect. A good action film with alot of good fight scenes and an interesting twist at the end.What we have learned to expect from Art Camacho.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:69 minutes
  • Release:2003
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:prison,   fight,   violence,  

Set in a prison, a death row inmate has a secret and the warden will go to any lengths to get it. Things dont go as planned as you would expect. A good action film with alot of good fight ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eva P (ca) wrote: Enjoyed the music in this movie as well as how it seemed true love was portrayed, way to modernize vampires well.

Sarah P (gb) wrote: After watching this for fourteen minutes, I thought to myself 'I may as well shove a pogo stick up my vagina because that provides a lot more entertainment and tension.'

Jon N (mx) wrote: Pretty cheap production. It comes down to if you believe that every soldier serves his country the same or are they just butchers

Barney o (it) wrote: WHAT I LIKED: What sticks out for me about 'The Prisoner of Askaban' is how the script and stylistic direction all just feels a little more sophisticated than in the previous two films. Everything is less goofy and on-the-nose, and that's partly down to improved performances and writing, but also Alfonso Couran's refreshing visual style and tone. Yes this is definitely the most stylish Harry Potter to date, but it also features some great characterisation for our leads (who's cast continue to excel in their roles), and a further exploration of the franchise themes.WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: This time the plot itself is actually weaker than in the previous film, and whilst it takes itself on fewer annoying tangents, it fails to draw a suspenseful narrative overall. I found the whole story rather stagnant actually, and even if the source material is partly to blame for that, the filmmakers should realise that straight adaptation isn't always the best way.VERDICT: The execution is vastly improved here. It's just a shame the original foundations have less merit overall.

Mel Z (ca) wrote: A good pulp fiction kinda movie.

Rory Fyfe S (ru) wrote: Loved this movie. Funny, moving well acted.

Joe C (de) wrote: I got this in a double pack with Colors which is a much better Sean Penn film in my opinion. I have to say that by never hearing of this film before, that I did enjoy it. Christopher Walken is a master of course, and no one could argue that point. Sean Penn was the young up and comer, but great performances were given by both of them. It's just another film to be glad to have in my collection.

Fong K (jp) wrote: Akira Kurosawa masterfully uses blood red and a bright palette to contrast with the Greek tragedy of patricide and sibling manslaughter in his grandly operatic and poetic retelling of King Lear.

Tim S (gb) wrote: Just watched "Anne of the Thousand Days" and it's another good Henry VIII movie. Richard Burton does a great job as Henry VIII. The sets and costumes in the movie are excellent. If you're a fan of this genre then it's a must see. This movie (obviously) covers the time period from when Henry VIII first sees Anne until she is beheaded and goes after Jane Seymour. Good flick.

Jbells16 B (au) wrote: Brilliant cast and a brilliant movie.

Brandon W (ca) wrote: One of the best films ever made! Full of magic and wonder and honestly, I think this film got better as I got older. When I was a kid I loved the songs, the scenes where the toy room comes to life and cleans itself, the animated horse race, laughing on the ceiling and the dance on top of the rooftops of London. Just pure fun! As an adult, and after watching 'Saving Mr. Banks' I can see how Mary Poppins helps the father become a better man and bind the family together. There is a good reason why this film is currently sitting at 100 percent on rotten tomatoes. It's, "practically perfect in every way!"

Bruce s (fr) wrote: can't remember but will look it up

Louis M (fr) wrote: What is your problem Alex Roy I love this film it's better than the first get your ratings right durrr

Chris F (mx) wrote: Holy Shit. Run, don't walk to this.Available on Netflix and worth every single minute. Hank, you glorious mother fucker, you have found your John McClane role.