13 French Street

13 French Street

A neo-noir tale of a man who seeks out an old friend, only to succumb to the will of a beautiful, mysterious woman.

A neo-noir tale of a man who seeks out an old friend, only to succumb to the will of a beautiful, mysterious woman. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steven F (it) wrote: An interesting film with great direction and photography. I love to see films which depict life in other areas of the world and how they deal with life's challenges. A film worth watching.

Mahesh P (mx) wrote: Great songs and Imran Khan is always fun to watch. But the story was pretty weak.

Adrian B (fr) wrote: Made for TV movie which in all honesty should only be watched if you cannot change the channel

Simon C (fr) wrote: All the ingredients are here for a riotous splatterfest, but the filmmakers decided on this instead.

Ryan B (mx) wrote: Not fun bad, just bad bad. :(

elin t (us) wrote: Really funny, and very silly;) This movie can't have gotten a big budget;)But it's still very funny and it was great to see Torri Higginson outside the Pegasus galaxy;) However, I don't think that it's possible (or so clever) to stand like 500m away and look while two fighting men gets a nuke in there heads inside stonehenge...

Dave J (mx) wrote: A generally sweet, if perhaps slightly slow, tale of love blooming in the most unlikely places: a porn website and a tattoo parlour. It has a dreamlike quality that lulls the viewer enough to make its few horrific moments all the more shocking. The non-linear storytelling gives the viewer a sometimes confusing but ultimately rewarding puzzle to work out. I think that I understand the appeal of tattoos a little better after watching this!

Ashley A (de) wrote: It's all about the box

Alex Z (kr) wrote: After waiting 3+ years WANTING/DYING to watch this film, i finally saw it! And it payed off because i really enjoyed it. This movie goes into 3 categories: you didn't understand it at all, you somewhat understand it or what the hell am i watching? Lol and fortunately i was in all 3 of those categories. The movie was done really well in my opinion. It shows a man who is obsessed with terror and otherworldy things. Its hard to sum this story up, but it mainly involved suicide, prozac, deros, other worlds, subways, connections, blood sucking girls, and murder. The end leaves the viewer questioning if everything he saw was really imagined or real. It leaves the viewer in an awkward state of wondering what truly went on during this whole movie. All i can say is that after watching this movie, i am completey intruiged and scared of these creatures called Deros which live underground and suck blood. They look like something out of this world and very scary. This movie was totally strange and yet another piece of Japanese horror i will truly not understand, but still happen to love lol.

Colten L (br) wrote: entertainment quality is sufficient for mainstream movie lovers. Nothing beyond that!

Marxela M (ru) wrote: I saw the short version and it thrilled me . A powerful story that is told in a powerful film. The scenery, the movement of the camera, the wonderful choreography of battles, the smart/ sharp/ some-times-funny dialogues/script, serve well to this masterpiece. I just obtained the original extended version and I'm more than longing to get a bucket of popcorn to just sit there and watch it.

Kenneth B (ag) wrote: This is a quietly endearing documentary about the idealistic and irrepressible Mark Borchandt trying to fund his magnum opus by completing a silent horror film that he started 6 year previous. It is ultimately quite heartfelt and the sheer commitment to his film overlaps with his personal life in quite a touching manner.

Carla M (br) wrote: Loved this film. beautiful and unaspected scenes with a wonderful Ricci and an amazing half-autistic Gallo.

DC F (ag) wrote: I didn't get what was so great about this film. I guess it depends on what one is ready to see. This was something of a mysterious investigation of sorts and I just expected better.

Rich D (de) wrote: Another really good Brit film I had never seen from 2004

kiran n (es) wrote: AWESOMEEEEE!!! LOVE JACK SPARROW!!!

Roxanne R (kr) wrote: Not sure why Netflix added this title to my top 10 list but after watching it, I found it rather depressing. Initially I thought it would be empowering like "Dead Poets Society" where a teacher through unconventional methods shows his pupils the real meaning of life and to seize the day; unfortunately after the first hour I saw how it veered into a repressed, frustrated teacher (Miss G played by Eva Green) living vicariously through her wealthy students at the boarding school and developing a crush for an aristocratic Spanish girl named Fiamma (Maria Valverde). The other girls sense something is wrong after a midnight party to celebrate the feast of St. Agnes turns sour and lives will be changed forever afterwards. Elements of jealousy, envy, betrayal are depicted as it occurs during adolescence and frankly films like this one makes me question how effective boarding schools really are. I find them too solitary and the effects of single sex education may be detrimental. I will agree with the insightful critic review of James Berardinelli of ReelViews.

John M (us) wrote: Look i could not help myself. I thought this was a fun movie. I was not expecting anything grand or amazing but it was fun. I kind of wish they had gone even more overboard with it.