13 m²

13 m²

José is looking for a way out of his small time banlieue deals. When he overhears a conversation between his girlfriend and her step-brother,he might just have found a very lucrative ...

Jose is looking for a way out of his small time banlieue deals. When he overhears a conversation between his girlfriend and his step-brother,he might just have found a very lucrative ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sanity Assassin (nl) wrote: a very very good norwegian romance horror. it's definitely a right one to let into your horror colllection. would even go so far as to say it's 1 of the top 2 or 3 movies i've seen this year of any genre. certainly the best horror i've seen since orphan. my only complaint was the ending felt a little bit too simple but it's a very minor negative in what is an overall refreshingly exemplary non-lovey dovey take on the subject. SPOILER ALERT coz i gotta say it... it's the best vampire film since interview!

Joseph B (gb) wrote: Too bad there's no picture. This is an incredible story about a family who ran out of the woods and back into suburbia america. Their pot farm was raided and now they must grow within their home. Their son is tired of being home schooled by his parents both of whom are prestigious professors. He opts to join the ranks of society by attending public, and risk the demise of his family's well being. The title is also a double-entendre. Feel good film.

Navin J (ca) wrote: I don't think that this is really a detective noir type of movie. It has the elements but the mix is all wrong. There is a gorgeous woman who is in trouble or who has died, and there is a merciless and relentless anti-hero trying to solve the mystery. I don't think that the ending really added any value to the story and I don't think that there was anything note-worthy in the fight sequences to make it worth more than a redbox rental. Also if you are going to see this movie because Sasha Grey is in it... don't bother, she is in it for2 minutes and is just there to scream in the elevator while guys fight near her.

Ayesha U (ca) wrote: When I was reading a novel... I found it tedious and boring. But the movie was really well made. It is beautifully shot and the pace isn't bad at all. I liked it.

Pepper J (kr) wrote: Started with the teenager problem to the tragedy of love. Comedy was put in to reduced the stress.

Marie M (ru) wrote: haha if u over mealess u need to watch this..some techniques too ya..lol

Alex C (ru) wrote: Ohmigosh, you've never seen "Bandit Queen"? Lucky!

Sam B (kr) wrote: Shakespeare's best trip and hardest fall start on a road that reaches around the world.

Debra R (ag) wrote: If you like boxing, black folks and jokes.

Wilman A (au) wrote: Mengecewakan. Plot dangkal dan cukup aneh karena Neeson mau ambil peran yang jelek imagenya. Action sedikit dan cenderung monoton.

emily h (fr) wrote: Cheesy kind of odd but ok I guess

Rmulo S (au) wrote: Melhor filme do Zack Snyder e melhor filme da DC comics