13 Moons

13 Moons

Can you solve the mystery of the 13 moons?

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:93 minutes
  • Release:2002
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:number in title,  

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John Y (gb) wrote: My favorite Don Knotts movie. It never gets old.

Timm S (kr) wrote: A Bit Of A Bond/Bourne Double Agent Throw-Back That Kinda Holds It Own Quite Nicely...Albeit For An At Times Confusing-Mashed Up Storyline Of Deceit & Betrayal. It Is Unclear To Me For Example How The Damsel-In-Distress Becomes Wrapped Up On All The Espionage? Hrmmm..The Action Was Alright Tho, Kept The Thing Going...Soundtrack Had Some Nice Touches Too.

MariePier D (au) wrote: Totally my kind of movie! Awesome thriller.


Mike S (es) wrote: My friend recently told me about this awesome indie flick that I must check out, so naturally, I did. "Kush" is a drug related film similar to flicks like "Friday", "Alpha Dogs", "Half Baked", basically "Mary Jane" related. The plot was suspenseful and definitely stayed interesting throughout the film. I was suprised to see James Duval who starred in "Independence Day" and "Gone in Sixty Seconds" on the cast list. It is always a plus to see a big name actor in an indie film. I think this movie is worth a peak especially if you love action and good looking actors.

Reid V (gb) wrote: This film was my first foray into the work of the well-respected Kelly Reichardt. If this film is any indication, I need to be ready for some serious introspection if I choose to go further.Although this film is very minimalistic, it tackles some pretty serious issues regarding the changing nature of friendships and the alienation that comes with growing old. It is a road picture in which the trip makes for a pretty interesting metaphor. No matter how you think a trip is going to turn out, there will always be some bumps in the road that you did not foresee.While some may be turned off by its languid pace, it is refreshingly and awkwardly honest. There are long stretches of silence between these characters and when they do converse, it is rather insipid dialogue. To capitalize on the emotional division between these two characters, Reichardt manages to keep these men in the same frame, but they couldn't seem any further apart.While a hearty dose of melodrama always spices up a good story, sometimes life isn't that way. In fact, silence far outweighs all of the words spoken in the world and it is interesting to see someone capture these moments in such a raw way. Am I eagerly awaiting this film's release on Blu-Ray? Of course not. But it is an honest look at friendship and something that isn't too often captured on film.

Brian S (jp) wrote: This is strange, watching this movie, it shifted from good to awfully bad. But i think that if you're a lover of cheap ass sci fi cinema, you'll love it. The acting is very bad and the mosquito effects aren't much better. The only guy that really manages to save this flick is Gunnar Hansen, ho played Leatherface in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and with the help of actor Steve Dixon. Also, the camera work is cheap and grainy and shaky, but i gives it a realistic look to it. And all that B movie gore is still disturbing. Recommended for fans of grainy shit!!

Michael H (fr) wrote: For genre buffs, climate change advocates and science junkies,The Monolith Monstersis a pitifully overlooked classic.

Kyle M (de) wrote: The modern-telling of "Beauty and the Beast" of its source material may be a chick flick on the outside, but it's surprisingly sweet-hearted on the inside. (B-)(Full review coming soon)

erika p (kr) wrote: The best since the cartoon came out. Giving the fact that he made it up as he went along is better than anything ever made.

Jon H (fr) wrote: Ralph Klein, this one's for you!

Rangan R (it) wrote: When no ones are innocent, the trouble would be twice to deal.It was a hot and humid atmosphere, I thought they shot in Italy. Then came to know it was an Aussie flick when a dead kangaroo was shown. So Simon Pegg in an Australian film, that directed by one of my favourite dog movies 'Red Dog' famed filmmaker. On this, it was a mixed feeling to me. A comedy-thriller, a good time pass movie. The film editing and the screen presentation were what made it look a better flick. If it was told from the starting point to the end as a single line, then it would have been very ordinary.Barely there are eight actors, that mean it is a limited cast movie that takes place in the isolated location. All about love, cheating, crime, money, completely about the dark side desires. There are a couple of twists, that is only because of the bend in the storytelling. At the Beginning, the three different stories were told one after another that set in the same timeline. The first one was to introduce a hitman, followed by a woman who cheats her husband and the finally a dentist couple who was threatened by a loan shark.There are no good guys in the story. All of them has some issues and they want to get rid of it from their lives. So the plot begins to explode once they committed to their plans that does not go as it should be. When a series of mistakes and characters and their situation overlaps with each other, that lead to the finale.There are some minor plot holes, if you don't compare it with the Hollywood blockbusters like critics then possibly you would enjoy it. I won't suggest it if you are looking for a Tarantino style masterpiece. It is a little dark-comedy from the down-under that has its own value despite there are some similarities with other flicks.6/10

aiah s (au) wrote: Wasn't the best movie

Sonya T (es) wrote: "Grand Prix" is a visual and exhilarating ride! Filmed in 1966 and directed by the talented John Frankenheimer of "Manchurian Candidate" fame, "Grand Prix" is a must see film about racing. I recently saw this wonderful movie and was completely awestruck at the cinematography and brilliant direction. The film incorporates actual formula 1 racing and has famous drivers such as Jim Clark, Graham Hill and Juan Manuel Fangio making cameo appearances. The film begins with Aerial shots of the "Circuit de Monaco" and cameras mounted on the hood and back of a Ford GT40 driven by Championship driver Phil Hill, makes this an authentic film complete with heart stopping footage. The audience is immediately placed in the driver's seat as formula 1 kisses every curve through beautiful Monaco, France, and the famous Monza racetrack in Italy. The story follows four Formula 1 drivers: Pete Aron, played by James Garner trying to make a comeback, English driver Scott Stoddard (Brian Bedform) recovering from a car crash and strongly resembling famous race car driver Jim Clark, actor Yves Montand as the seasoned French driver Sarti who gets involved with American Journalist played by Eva Marie Saint and Italian newcomer race car driver Nino Barlini played by Antonio Sabato. The film runs a bit long on their personal stories. Romantic leading ladies in the story line include actress Jessica Walter and French singer, Franoise Hardy. Shot in Super Panavision 70, "Grand Prix" was presented in theaters in 70mm Cinerama (curved movie screens). "Grand Prix" won three Academy Awards for Best Sound, Best Sound Effects, and Best Film Editing. Frankenheimer, a real car racing enthusiast was nominated for Outstanding Director by the Director's Guild of America. Doing much of his own driving was James Garner, who after making the film took up racing. His skills on the set impressed formula 1 drivers Graham Hill and Jack Brabham to such a degree, they told him he could have been a successful Grand Prix driver had he not gone into acting.