14 kilómetros

14 kilómetros

Three people looking for a better life become stranded in the desert with little hope of survival in this drama from Spain. Buba (Adoum Moussa) is an auto repairman living in Niger with his...

Three people looking for a better life become stranded in the desert with little hope of survival in this drama from Spain. Buba (Adoum Moussa) is an auto repairman living in Niger with his... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Scott C (au) wrote: Mildly amusing good-bad movie....not quite as awful as you've heard.

Dustin L (it) wrote: Wasn't a terrible movie..just wasn't all that good either. The only reason I even watched it was because of Anna Kendrick. She's becoming a great actress and one of my favorites!!

Justin N (us) wrote: james franco was obviously obsessed with Requiem for a dream & fight club as a youngster, shame his movie was a cheap rip off of both of theses brilliant films.He some how tries to glorify drugs but goes way over the top into exaggerating certain effects of drugs. its a movie written by a "boy" with sex drugs and rock&roll on the brain, ask me to write a movie this is what i would come up with, should it be made into a movie? NO. The guy cant "act" normal, its like he cant switch off to the fact that there is a camera in front of him.Don't waste your time, i had to watch it to the end just to see how bad it would get, it didn't disappoint in that regard as it was total shit

Martin H (it) wrote: Taken me a long time to getting around the watching this gem of a black comedy, but finally did today. Great cast with everyone on top form. 8/10

Seph N (gb) wrote: The difference between moving from place to place, running away and finding where you belong. Call it a chick flick but it's the human condition regardless of gender

Regina P (kr) wrote: I heard about this movie in "Midnight in Paris", but I couldn't rent it anywhere so I had to buy it. Absolutely loved it! At first I figured they couldn't leave because of social graces, but then the head servant couldn't leave as well. So then I thought maybe there was a real curse on the room (it is a movie, so anything is possible). And even though the movie dragged on, I just kept watching and watching because I seriously wanted to know what was holding them in the room, and how it was going to end. Were they going to die? Were they going to break the curse? And when someone finally figured out how to leave, I just burst out laughing! My first guess was the correct one! And then the church scene had me laughing even more! And I could certainly relate to being at a party and not knowing when it would be proper to leave, and dearly hoping someone else would excuse themselves first. Great movie! Bravo!

Anthony V (mx) wrote: Godzilla rip off does have a few bright spots.

Elgan D (fr) wrote: A dated and now unintentionally amusing piece of fifties science fiction. The impact of the action has certainly lessened over by decades but for its short runtime it is still mildly entertaining.

Tyler M (mx) wrote: That cuts down our love scene quite a bit, doesn't it? A great Hitchthingyian action flick from 1940. What more can be said? The Story: Prior to World War 2, an American journalist tries to expose the enemy before it's too late. Johnny Jones/ Huntley Haverstock is sent overseas to cover a story of a secret treaty between a couple of European countries. It's a fast paced action movie, filled with plenty of great twists and turns, and some great special effects for the time. Told with the style Hitchthingy was known for back in the day, this one will pull you in, and hold you until the very last scene. The Cast: Joel McCrea, Laraine Day...Joel McCrea: AKA: Johnny Jones, AKA: Huntley Haverstock. An action reporter. An American action reporter. His first job, get the full story of a secret treaty between two European countries. His Second job, stay alive long enough to bring the dark truth into the light. This is one hell of a charming character. He's one the better Hitchthingy leading men, playing the part with near perfection you'll love him, as he's just that d**ned convincing. Laraine Day: AKA: Carol Fisher. The daughter of a European diplomat. Her job, choose between the love of her life and her father. Yet another great casting job by Hitchthingy. Laraine Day is perfectly torn here, as she can't decide what is truly right, in a world full of wrongs. Two of the best leading roles in a Hitchthingy film ever...EVER! One to Five Scale: 4 It's a great film but it's a bit long winded. It's worth sitting through, but by the end of the 120 minutes you'll be ready for the credits. But overall the action is great, the suspense of course suspensful, and the acting top notch. A must see for any Hitchthingy fan, or anyone who's just curious to know why he was such a great director. Tyler

Josh S (ag) wrote: Didn't know the movie was so old.