18 Year Old Virgin

18 Year Old Virgin

In a series of sexual mishaps, a high school senior tries to lose her virginity on the last night before graduation.

Kate is about to graduate. Her biggest dream is to have sex with Ryan Lambert. The only problem is that Ryan refuses to have sex with a virgin. This leads to a hunt for another man to lose ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pat M (au) wrote: very enjoyable/heartfelt appealing.

Paul D (jp) wrote: Sylvester revisits the actions movies of old with a style and plot that feels a quarter of a century too late than the year this film was released in.

Santy R (kr) wrote: Add a review (optional)...

bill s (kr) wrote: A movie of great performances in a gritty well done action crime drama.

Connor S (fr) wrote: To those who are big fans of the Sherlock Holmes novels they might not like the movie too much. I personally love it even if the bit with the Egyptian cult does feel like Temple of Doom. No complaints other than that thanks to good acting and script.

Byron B (jp) wrote: nominated for best foreign film at the oscars

John R (fr) wrote: Because I've given some much better spaghetti westerns 2s and 2.5s, this film is striving to be a 1.5. Having come off the "8 Movie Western Pack", which featured primarily spaghetti westerns, I was hoping this disc, this film, would be the same. Unfortunately, after having spaghetti, this film is a spirit killer. See my review of "Wild Women" which pretty well sums up this film. Grandma would like these two. I found myself able to do other tasks around the houes while this film played. Didn't miss a thing. Have to admit however; there was some sort of perverse pleasure to be had. Sort of like giving methadone to an addict I assume.

Tony T (ru) wrote: The first important film on Humphrey Bogart's resume. This pretty good adaptation of a Robert Sherwood play remain somewhat stagy today but is extremely well acted by an excellent cast. Simple story has Bogie and his gang holding a group of people hostage at a diner somewhere in the Arizona desert is somewhat talkative and literate but never, ever boring. While both Leslie Howard and Bette Davis are very good in the lead, it is Humphrey Bogart, in a supporting role, who steals the movie. The man is simply electric and sear the screen in every one of his scenes. This film moves much faster once he appears on screen and watching this movie, it's very easy to see why this is considered Bogie's breakout role.....He's simply great in it!!!.....Overall, a good classic with philosophical overtone.....Rating: 8/10...... 8)

Eric P (mx) wrote: What the hell did I just watch?! I'm kinda torn I like the premise and a lot of parts throughout but what kept me from really liking it a lot more was Tim Roth. Normally he's awesome but I don't know what he's even trying to go for here. His goofy mugging did not work for me personally, if he started reserved in the beginning and got more antzy and over-the-top as the film went on maybe that could had worked.

Cameron J (jp) wrote: It's hard to write praise about a film like "Hoop Dreams" that has already been hailed a masterpiece by almost every mainstream critic and documentarian out there, especially one that had such a large place in the heart of Roger Ebert, my all-time favorite critic.But Steve James' documentary is a great movie, a powerful study of youth, race, pop culture, education, society and identity in Chicago in the early 90s that makes no effort to manipulate its subjects into its own vision, instead showing them for who they are, people with hopes and dreams, flaws and virtues, and aspirations and fears just like everyone else their age, though the two subjects - basketball players William Gates and Arthur Agee - have a little bit more heart to them than the average Joe. Watching this three hour odyssey through the high school lives of two teenagers was at the same time eye-opening and cathartic for me, introducing me to a way of life wholly different to mine yet relatable in many ways. The film explores the boys' family and home life, relationships with friends and teachers, and plans for the future. Basketball is of course the focus of their aspirations, and is central to the film's energy, but the film never feels like a film aimed solely at basketball fans, capturing the spirit of the game and using it to say something profound about its place within society and that society itself. "Hoop Dreams", while edited to Academy Award-nominated precision, feels modest and subtle, and never throws anything into our faces. Steve James' style is clearly to make his subjects comfortable, as there is never one of those a-ha moments where someone pleads for the camera to be turned off or says that the documentary is stupid, misleading or a waste of time. Every person in the film is themselves in this film, and so no one ever really feels like the bad guy even though there are two clear protagonists. That said, there are some scenes where the relationships between the boys and their families (especially the fathers) come across as broken, especially with Arthur's father, who seems to push his broken basketball dreams on his son, only to leave, become a drug addict, go to jail, and come back to bask in the limelight just when his son is hitting his stride. This is a vital documentary and certainly one of the best ever made. For its monumental running time, it's never boring and every scene adds something to the film. It's like "Boyhood" in that it has us grow over a few hours with a few people living complex and interesting lives, though it's an even more personal and affecting film. I'm not sure if I'd call it better, but this isn't really a film that needs to be compared to anything else. On the surface it seems like one of those "I could do that" modest TV documentaries, but it's much more than that, a totally unique and enthralling project.

Jason L (kr) wrote: Cheesy but better than I expected.