A village cricket team plays its last match before most of its players go off to fight in World War I, confident that "it will all be over by Christmas".

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Graham B (jp) wrote: Riveting documentary about the controversial Russian punk band. Not a great deal more is revealed than what has been reported, but it's a great story of injustice and social commentary.

Annika L (jp) wrote: Donnie Yen just rocks. The choreography is filled with energy and it flows like water. Apparently I missed the reason for the mask..

David B (us) wrote: good movie didnt know mandela had such an influnce on the spring boks in the 95 world cup. this film paints him as a great president which i beleive he was, Its fairly sparse on south africa mandela and the spring boks in general but.

lisa j (ag) wrote: really good movie :)

Paul M (au) wrote: One of the worst movies I have ever seen. How a script this terrible attracted so much talent is incomprehensible.

Vincent O (nl) wrote: F. Ozon's wacky comedy, is pretty dark but always amusing and a film that keeps the viewer intrigued on how the story actually pans out. A relatively normal family goes completely berserk after the father brings home a white, pet rat. The rest is pretty bizarre but watch it as an antidote to all those trashy, romantic comedies, that contain just an ounce of 'Sitcom's' imagination and originality.

Jason D (ru) wrote: The infamous Canadian comedy sketch troupe Kids in the Hall hit the big times with their very own feature film in the form of Brain Candy. Through playing 75% of the characters in the film, the troupe spins the story of a conglomerate medication corporation that's looking to put out the newest and latest pill sensation. As they breathe down the necks of a scientific group working on a pill that cures depression, the head scientist boldly proclaims the pill is ready for manufacturing, which it's not. Soon, the drug, (dubbed Gleemonex) becomes a hit sensation, where nearly the entire world is taking it (depressed or not) and they all tap into their happiest moments, thus catapulting the head scientist to fame and fortune, which soon comes at a price. The Kids in the Hall have always been a great form of underrated and unappreciated comedy (particularly in the states). Americans are known for hating what they don't understand, and it was clear that a lot hated this brand of comedy, which is a shame, because the show was terrific. As far as the movie goes, it's a lot of fun, but since it tried harder to appeal to a more American audience, a good amount of the zany, Canadian humor is tragically lost. Brain Candy still has some great moments, but for those getting into this comedy troupe, seek out the shows instead. Good performances from the guys, as always. Thank goodness for Saturday Night Live head honcho Lorne Michaels, or else America would have NEVER been exposed to such innovative and original comedy. Not bad.

Zaar D (br) wrote: sexy nurses feeling each up on the cover....I doubt the movie fulfills the promise

Miguel R (it) wrote: With a performance by Meryl Streep that outshines all others, Sophie's Choice is a mesmerizing experience from start to finish, revealing the horror of the Holocaust and the suffering it brought, all through the eyes of a Polish refugee!