A film about the bloody expulsion of the mostly Greek Christian populace from Anatolia by Kemal Ataturk and the Turkish army in 1922.

Based on the book by Ilias Venezis "The Number 31328", the film by Nikos Koundouros unfolds through the personal tragedies of three characters, the Asia Minor Disaster and the agonizing ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


1922 torrent reviews

Ashley C (it) wrote: I am going to wait for it come on DVD.

Jeffrey S (us) wrote: This hit home with a certain feel of futility, and thoughts of lost chance, happiness, and hope.

Marnie Z (ca) wrote: Totally twisted but I have a whole new respect for Japanese films.

Daniel P (au) wrote: Beautifully filmed and naturally acted, the simmering tensions which give way to arguments often heard but not seen feel real and incisive. But it is hard to care too much about these characters' thoughts, feelings and motivations when they are clearly so STAGGERINGLY WEALTHY that they can afford a getaway to the very expensive Isles of Scilly *AND* employ a full time cook/maid/cleaner and pursue activities such as painting, picnics, dining at expensive restaurants and "gap years" in Africa. But for all that there's genuine visual style, superb performances and the conjuring of mood that at times often feels mysterious.

Dorothy B (au) wrote: i really liked this move

Niklas J (it) wrote: Yes to everything in the review consensus and also add that it doesn't even stay true to the good parts of the story of the board game it is based on.

Gabriel M (ag) wrote: Is a movie horrofic, out is disgusting, I mean, achieves its goal. has three points turns what extend does the plot.

dingo d (mx) wrote: Lindsay Lohan's acting - and charm - manages to elevate the level of this movie from ridiculous to entertaining.

Caitlin L (fr) wrote: One of my favorite dance movies. Not your typical boy meets girl.

Josh H (fr) wrote: The stereotypical way mentally ill people are portrayed in this movie is appalling. Don't waste your time.

Jesse O (ru) wrote: This is something like the Chinese version of James Cameron's Titanic. What I mean by that is that the film is divided into two parts. There's the romantic melodrama for the women, or those who may be inclined to enjoy such things, and the action for the men or, again, those who may be inclined to enjoy it. But to be perfectly honest, outside of some really corny and awfully sentimental moments, in a weird way, I think both of these elements come together fairly effectively. The film will remind crime film fans, in parts, of The Godfather Part 2, just the way the story is structured as you get to go back and forth between the present and the past, seeing how Cheng rose from to the top of his profession that he wouldn't have ever been a part off if not by one chance encounter with his cellmate. The more romantic aspects of the film, with the love triangle and what have you, reminds one of an old 40s romance starring Humphrey Bogart, for example. I don't that, at any point, this film ever really concerns itself with developing its own identity, it's content to borrow from other, classic films in order to weave its story. But, it doesn't feel so much as a ripoff, it honestly feels more like an affectionate tribute to these films. Of course the story of the Japanese occupation of Shanghai gives it own flavor but, stylistically and structurally, this borrows heavily from the classics. I will say that the production values themselves are top-notch. Some of the special effects themselves are pretty lame looking, like some of the explosions, but other, practical, explosions look absolutely impressive and would give Michael Bay a run for his money. The costume design is excellent and really does give off the feel of the era they were trying to convey. A lot of that is also cinematography, but the costume design certainly helps a lot. The action, for what it essentially a romantic drama at its emotional core, is actually surprisingly violent and bloody. While I didn't have much of a problem with this, it does feel kind of at odds with the rest of the film. With that said, I do think that the story of the Japanese occupation of Shanghai, plus Cheng's and Qui's plans to do something about it, with the entire romantic triangle plot around it all adds up to a pretty decent package. No one will ever mistake this film for one of the classics. But these very disparate elements come together in a fairly cohesive manner. One doesn't undercut the other and vice versa. I don't know what could've been done to make the romance a little less cheesy, sentimental, and melodramatic, but it works in the time period the story takes place in. Not much else I can say. It borrows heavily from other sources, but it's a pretty decent action/romance film. Acting's solid, action's bloody, melodrama is very melodramatic. What more can you ask for? Well, I mean, other than the film to be good. Acceptable watch if you've got Netflix, I wouldn't really spend money to watch this.

Erik R (nl) wrote: i think that it,s a great movie so i give it four stars.

Clara i (br) wrote: I loved the book. The movie was so different and off.

Corey T (es) wrote: Classic Bowery boys hasn't lost any of it's charm.

James B (jp) wrote: Dear heavens. As a fan of H.G. Wells this was just offensive. The words that truly, though, described the movie are superfluous and nonsensical. The screaming and sound of the insects were way over the top, the hard edges of the characters (who themselves were nothing to consider) were pathetically unnecessary and ridiculous, and the plot made no sense (and the same goes for the actions of the characters). The sound that the ants made mysteriously disappeared as was necessary to awkwardly lurch the plot toward an absurd end. If I had to guess, I would say they were running on slim to no budget, or the film makers did not care what happened to the production. To be honest, if I were not such a fan of Wells, and not so annoyed at what they did to the original short story, I could see the humor in this movie, but as it stands, I need to stand up for something, and the movie is not it.

Daniel A (gb) wrote: Just saying that the incredibles launch in the same year.... for me its a damn fun movie, but only because my language is portuguese, and the portuguese voices is Awesome and so much better then the English version, so that's why