1942: A Love Story

1942: A Love Story

In 1942 the British ruled India, a time when people were either working for the British or rallying for underground meetings and protests against them. Amidst this background, Naren Singh, falls in love with Rajeshwari Pathak. But their romance is not an easy one, for Naren comes from a wealthy, British supporting, family. But Rajeshwari is poor and is fighting against the British.

A young Indian couple, both from wealthy backgrounds, find themselves caught up in the 1940's Indian revolutionary movement against their families whom are under the thumb a sadistic British general. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vacationer U (au) wrote: Really good action drama. I really like sound. Especially sound of the guns. They made it extra laud and clear. Never heard this before.Because of pity mistakes I'm not giving 10 stars.1. German jokes are really not funny. Hey German guys don't do jokes in the movies. That "Rambo" "joke" was really awful. Rudi was funny at some point, though. 2. Another thing that shouldn't be in a movie, when Max with a car hit that BMW and after you can see that Max's car damaged just a bit. After such an impact? Seriously? Why just don't let bad guys to come with 2 cars instead?3. When Nina shooting at polizei's car people, people on the street been running and screamin all together to same direction like a mob of sheeps, then they sit and when Nina drive away, all that mob, together, run and scream to another direction. Not real. I don't think you even need so many extra's at that scene4. When Max have bad dreams, Nina using tampon to soak his sweat. But Max not sweating at all. At this point (I mean his condition) he should be in a sweat like a hell.5. When Sara with Nina and max returned to Rudi's place, on the way, they met bad guys. Bad guys didn't stopped and didn't killed them. If I would a bad guy, I would shoot them on the spot.6. Why did they go to Rudi's place?7. Such a shooting hospital? in Germany? not real.

Frances H (mx) wrote: Good British mystery series with David (The Govenor) Morrissey from Walking Dead and Little Finger from Game of Thrones. (The cast listed on RT is wrong.)

Sydney C (ag) wrote: Powerful drama showing the real perspective of the ghetto parts of London that the upper-class don't see.

corey s (mx) wrote: My favorite HBO movie of all time. In my opinion this movie ranks right up there with the mobb movies infact looking back on it this should have been released on the big screen but sadly it wasn't . Armand Assante played Gotti perfect I don't think nobody could have pulled it off like he did. The rest of the cast did such a great job they all ended up on the Sopranos. It kills me every time I watch this movie the first time is when Aniello Dellacroce dies mainly because he was the only one John would listen to and the second one is when Sammie turns snitch . If you get a chance to see watch this movie and you like mobb movies you should enjoy this movie

Scott G (mx) wrote: I think the film is fun but there are only a limited number of jokes that are funny. The best skit is when all those guys punch Leslie Nielsen in the face and the gorilla hands struggle him. I'm annoyed it ended at a cliffhanger. Hopefully a comic book sequel could made that could tell us what happens next.

Facebook U (de) wrote: Absolutely excellent film with a very realistic story and series of events. It has the grit. The locations are varied and all real. Very smooth rough ride with little time wasted. Very well packed adventure with heroes on all sides and where the outcome is unpredictable. Well done action. Good acting work. Better than any horror film with chills in all segments. We get to see all sides and root for them all. Except they are all killers, so I root for them because it's a film. In real life they should all be given a punch in the face. Allah akbar, praise the lord, que dieu soit avec les gens de bonne volont... et ne tuent pas.

Brendan N (br) wrote: interesting to see Tony Scott directing a Tarantino script and it's great to see him develop it with such care. The violence is typically in your face and full on but the characters and cast thrive. The Walken and Hopper scene has tension to burn. Classic film and a Tarantino film never the less. it's a shame Natural Born Killers wasn't torn apart by Stone. The original script had more in common with Pulp Fiction regarding the non linear narrative.

Arianeta L (nl) wrote: Around 1998 he had raised in Athens a unique theatrical production. The title was "La Nona", starring an excellent Greek comedian Dimitris Piatas in one of his best, roles. This show was played for almost 3 years and I remember this because I have seen a lot of photos of the show and I have read many critical about it.. I was very impressed about it because the protagonist consumes very large quantities of food during the show so one night I heard in news that Dimitris Piatas suffered from congestion much food in the middle of the show ... and rushed to hospital....The author wrote this play in 1977 in Argentina where the conditions were indeed nightmarish. It is certain, however, that the grandmother-power with an incredible appetite that devouring what is found in front of it can easily appear in every season.Critics and directors in Greece who worked on this project tried to avoid describing "subversive black comedy." Instead they prefer the definition of a "nightmarish anti-authoritarian allegory." It's both, but I don't know why we do not "like" always call comedy something that is so sarcastic even if it has political and any other extensions. We don't reduce, just pass them easier. The case is very simple and extremely complicated yet like all karmic problems that respect themselves. In Argentina, a family of Italian immigrants suffers from the unrestrained greed of 100 years old grandmother, which consumes incredible amounts of food to the point that led the family into economic collapse. . The Nona, is a dementia, bulimic grandmother which oppresses the family to death with her passion. The family, led by the great grandson, Carmelo, it can overcome social taboos and to deny the oppression imposed upon them the presence of their 100 years old grandmother.The Nona is a grandmother, which always embodies a man, why Nona has no gender. The Nona has no age, no home, no country, no nation. It is an Italian among Argentineans, speaks its own language that everyone understands, and not their own is absurd unsuited figure around which everything revolves. It is the mother who eats her children. It is the ubiquitous human amoeba that symbolizes power, authoritarianism, tyranny, enslavement.For some it is an immigrant, for others it is the Guard. For others it is their own passions, it is gambling, is drink, are drugs. Eventually Nona, is what everyone fears most, is what everyone sees less, is what he loves so much that he died from it, what he learned and cannot unlearnAnd worth it to watch the end a crazy strange detail: the only power that has Nona, is the most complete and most uncompromising, emotional. There is no - but NO - another! Moreover, the victory of Big Brother in Orwell's 1984, does not it? The love for our Big Brother.