199 recetas para ser feliz

199 recetas para ser feliz


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    4.00 out of 5
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  • Release:2008
  • Language:Spanish
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A Chilean couple, Tomás and Helena, living in Barcelona in the grip of a heat wave receive an unexpected visitor: Sandra, the girlfriend of Helena’s recently deceased younger brother. Nymph-like Sandra is in no hurry to leave and slowly manages to wind both Tomas and Helena around her little finger. Tomas is trying to finish his self-help book in spite of his writers’ block and Helena can’t get her dead brother out of her mind. Sandra provides a welcome distraction, and soon becomes the object of the couples desire. With relationship boundaries blurred, passions are ignited in this erotic arthouse drama. ~ sydneylatinofilmfestival.org . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Reese J (it) wrote: Interesting enough that you're never bored, and also great work from the child actors! Quality horror is hard enough to do, but kids with that level of professionalism and skill is exceptionally rare to find.

Sunil J (au) wrote: This movie doesn't interest me enough to make it worth watching another depressing French movie.

Tim C (es) wrote: Not a worthy sequel of its predecessor. Felt more like a Lion King ripoff.

adrienne (br) wrote: lol saturday night we feed the poor sunday night we feed'em s'more

Philip H (mx) wrote: A wonderful, sweet childrens animation about a mound of dog poo who is just trying to figure out God's purpose for him. NO JOKE.

Adam R (mx) wrote: (First viewing - December 2003 in theaters)

Janet V (de) wrote: Holden was too old and knew it, and even the shaggy fringe he adopts to seem younger only makes it more awkward for the viewer. I didn't recognize Kim Novak at first--she appears less self-concious, more natural than in her other movies. Rosalind Russell is good, as always, and Arthur O'Connell elicits genuine sympathy. Not a great movie, but beautifully filmed. I didn't like the ending and the fact that Madge complains about superficiality and then falls for a guy who is all looks and no brains. Although he gets points for being a generous and fun guy to be around that even the kids like. It ultimately is a reflection of the morality and thinking of the time, and the constrictions women were put in until the 1960's began to pry open the door.

Jack B (ca) wrote: -THIS REVIEW MIGHT CONTAIN SPOILERS-The very first time I was about to watch this film, I had a good idea of what it was about going into it but surprisingly, it turned out to be so much more. As I watched it, I saw that this film has a great story, great characters and great animation. Also as I was watching it, I had a real sense of emotion and although you're told at the beginning that the two main characters (Seita and Setsuko) are dead, you really want them to make it through this but as their situation gets worse, you start to have the same feelings as they are. My favorite scene in the movie is the ending where the two siblings are on a bench in the spirit world looking over modern day Japan, the reason being is because after all the hell they have been though, they are finally in peace and its a really touching scene. Overall, Grave of the Fireflies is a Anime masterpiece, it has great focus and story and it shows that Anime is more than cray hair or superpower. It's decently not just one of the greatest Anime Movies, but one of the greatest movies period.

Gabriella F (ag) wrote: very funny! i liked it!

Jeb E (ag) wrote: Enjoyed this quite a bit, but it's overly-long, busy, incredibly heavy-handed and lacking any real sort of emotional depth. Some really great performances, especially from the young hoppers (Phifer in particular), but Keitel is distracting, Turturro underused and in the end this film is just kind of a mess. A really enjoyable (and at times poignant, if never subtle) mess, but still a mess.

Pablo A (it) wrote: This movie is hilarious. It's the perfect blend of workaholics comedy with a vampire twist. The whole theater could not stop laughing. Go watch!