2 Become 1

2 Become 1

Bingo leads a carefree city life that revolves around work, friends and dating. Her yuppie life is turned upside down one passionate night when her hot date Dr. V discovers a lump on her left breast.

An advertising executive with a carefree lifestyle discovers she has breast cancer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


2 Become 1 torrent reviews

Katie G (us) wrote: Unlikeable characters, icky romance, totally unbelievable events, cliches abound... ugh.

Patrick J (jp) wrote: I got this movie for my mom for Christmas. We watched it and laughed the whole way through. It felt good and was funny.

Ccile P (ag) wrote: Quel plaisir de voir une com (C)die romantique franaise juste, terriblement drle, bien jou (C)e, bref attachante comme ses deux acteurs principaux.

Komal S (us) wrote: Not great, but not bad either.

Inta K (nl) wrote: fantastic dance movie!!!!its soo great to follow ur dreams and achieve them! :)

Lauren D (nl) wrote: An underrated movie. I can see how people might give up on it by the middle but in my opinion is worth seeing through. It kind of stuck with me afterward... I enjoyed it but only because I FINISHED it.

Private U (es) wrote: il verso dell'acaro un unicum del cinema

STCENTERPRISE (de) wrote: This is a film that is filmed on Amelia Island. It looks at the community of Amelia Island. I found the movie rather boring. This film lacks the action. I found it more interesting finding where things are filmed around Amelia Island.This movie is about being endangered, times have changed, and things being not like they used to be. Shares some characteristics to the Island but the names have changed.

SILLY LIL ME (jp) wrote: i luv loyd!!!!!!!! he's hilarious!!!!!

Nikolaos S (de) wrote: Found this from a film blog mentioning it after all these years..Pretensious but the unknown lead acterss is cute..Not the worst 100 minutes spent.But don't watch tired

Wes S (mx) wrote: Stale, but a bit thrilling. The characters are not too memorable, the plot isn't original, and the final outcome could be seen a mile away. The effects weren't horrible, and the atmosphere was decent enough. A bland sci-fi action flick, not good enough to sit through without being completely bored.

Sarah I (fr) wrote: kinda cheesy but i like it

cli o (br) wrote: not thanks not my thing

Jerico T (mx) wrote: Visually Appealing. A samurai tale about vengeance and honor.

Kyle M (es) wrote: Tony Scott directed a fun thrill ride with about an above average amount of IQ points based on its topic that was nicely used next to the deliverance on the actions, spirits from the characters, humor, thrills and proof of using the cast well as they perform with good spirits in the nasty-spirited presence. (B+)(Full review coming soon - with better wording)

Brian H (fr) wrote: I like the sizzle, but there really wasn't much steak.