20 Years After

20 Years After

In the middle of nowhere, 20 years after an apocalyptic terrorist event that obliterated the face of the world!

Everything that could go wrong did go wrong: War, Terrorism, Natural Disasters. Evacuees were ushered from the cities to refugee camps in the surrounding counties. In-fighting, famine and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


20 Years After torrent reviews

Pavan R (ru) wrote: Good story and well made. Maybe cliched ,but doesn't detract from the entertainment . Does try to explore a few different relationships and does it well. Well directed and well enacted.

Upaasna L (kr) wrote: Could not complete it....so boring.

Kevin G (au) wrote: A forgettable short. Great imagination, but it just didn't impress me much.

Jess L (kr) wrote: An interesting and sometimes off putting drama about a developing summer love between the two female protagonists. Whilst I don't usually watch lesbian orientated romances or dramas I was pleasantly surprised by this slow moving yet intense film. Some good performances and an interesting screenplay make for an enjoyable though not entirely unforgettable film.

Emanuel K (it) wrote: I found the movie rather fun. The line-up was pretty great. Storyline was definitely imperfect, but not extremely flawed. Overall, fun.

girish k (br) wrote: its a nice movie in which every scene is interesting and not boring and a full of entertainment

Max M (gb) wrote: Although it gives an awesome ending to the prequel trilogy with one of the best lightsaber battles in the franchise, it still doesn't seam to exactly live up to the original trilogy. The dialogue has some unforgettable cheese, especially in Anakin Skywalker's script. I myself am not a fan of Hayden Christensen and do believe Lucas could've found a better actor that specialized in improvising the script. With a young actor like Christensen, he didn't build up enough skill to expand his character to his full potential. But overall, the film is pretty decent, especially compared to the two prequels before it.

Anthony J (ca) wrote: Seemingly average city worker becomes very frustrated throughout what seems like just another day to most. He spends the film trying get home to his family. Watching Michael Douglas lash out at a society that he sees as disrespectful and dishonest is a wonderful treat. There are a few points where you will with his extreme actions and seem to cheer him on.

bill s (kr) wrote: Unfocused,trippy hour thirty five minute music video.

Fawn R (kr) wrote: I aw this YEARS ago on "USA's Up All NIght" show...anyone remember this?

Bill B (es) wrote: Okay, to be fair, this is a pretty silly, hammy movie, but by God it certainly has its moments when it just runs headlong with the idea that animals all going apeshit at once is the scariest thing that anyone can imagine.The eco-horror elements are amusing now, knowing that we have so much further to go before we completely ruin this world for ourselves, hell it almost makes this idea quaint by comparison.Worth a look for a few giggles, but nothing essential.

Scott R (mx) wrote: Bogart is a rash film script writer who has had his glory days but has stumbled for inspiration since. He meets his neighbor who becomes his muse and they have a few weeks of bliss that goes array with his compulsive actions. Bogart is evil and Grahame is sexy. They combine for a reflective drama.

Art S (au) wrote: The problem with Duel in the Sun is that it is boring. Now, is this the fault of David O. Selznick who wrote the script, controlled the production, and put his over-acting girlfriend in the starring role as a half-breed who is the love object for two sons (one bad, one good). Yes, probably. Gregory Peck shines but Joseph Cotten and Lillian Gish seem helpless and Lionel Barrymore is frankly embarrassing with all that scenery-chewing. Too bad it isn't so bad it's good.

Martin P (gb) wrote: A boss, a man, a hooker and a holdall. What's in the bag? You almost don't really care at the end.

Joel M (de) wrote: Not a home run comedy and did not throw any plot curve balls, but "The Change Up" sure had its real-funny moments. *****Good

Francisco A (nl) wrote: As emotional as smart, the congress is a unique masterpiece.