2001: A Space Travesty

2001: A Space Travesty

Leslie Nielsen once again plays a bumbling detective in the vein of the 'Naked Gun' movies, but this time as Marshall Richard 'Dick' Dix. When odd reports are received through official channels stating that the President of the United States is being held captive on a secret international moon base called Vegan and that he has been replaced on Earth by a clone, the US Marshall Service immediately sends their 'best' man, Dix, on the mission. Dix travels to Vegan to rescue the president, but is quickly duped and ends up returning to Earth where he installs the clone-president and removes the real one. The bumbling Dix must then find a way to restore the real president before aliens take over the Earth, and restore in himself a belief in truth, justice and the American way.

Leslie Nielsen once again plays a bumbling detective in the vein of the 'Naked Gun' movies, but this time as Marshall Richard 'Dick' Dix. When odd reports are received through official ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sondre L (ca) wrote: De prver ri p blgen etter Den Sjette Sansen, med en liten redd gutt som spiller knallbra. Problemet er bare at han overspiller, og ikke er realitisk i det hele tatt. Jeg tenkte: han tenker, 'n spiller jeg bra, damn jeg er flink'. Ellers skjedde det lite, men de skal f et pluss for en ganske creepy monstermann som viser ser holde til i mrket. Ikke helt bortkasta alts!

John P (es) wrote: Old school Muppets are better. R.I.P. Jim Henson.

Stella D (es) wrote: i'm a big fan of billie and she deserves a better film. this is dated, cliched, too long and hardly better than a tv movie. diana's not horrible but she's all wrong for the part :( 3 stars for richard pryor :)

Cristin T (nl) wrote: Fritz Lang siempre me sorprende, a pesar que esta no sea su mejor pelicula, la creatividad de este hombre nadie lo puede discutir.Ademas, de las imagenes tan pulidas y penetrantes, realmente un visionario para su epoca. Melies debe haber quedado con la boca abierta al ver este film. Peliculas imperdibles de este director: Metropolis, M el vampiro de Dusseldorf, Perversidad y todas las del Dr. Mabuse que son excepcionales para mi gusto, especialmente las de los aos 20' y la ultima llamada -Los crimenes del Dr. Mabuse- del ao 60'. Lang definitivamente uno de mis favoritos.

Chris P (mx) wrote: When I see a family film with no expectations going in ? especially from a series that generated out of Germany with help from an Australian studio ? it leaves my mind open and my heart wondering. I decided to give a movie called Alpha and Omega a chance a few years ago, and I?m glad I did. I can officially say the same thing about Maya the Bee. ?Bee?lieve me when I say I?m ?buzzing? about this movie! This is a movie that if you don?t have a ?fuzzy feeling? (more bee puns, lol) by the end of the film, something is very wrong with you! This movie very much reminds me of Lion King 2 ? you have the freespirit in Maya (who?s very much like Chiara), the best friend/tag-along/love interest in Willy (okay, there?s not really a comparison there but I LOVED Willy as a character), the best friend who?s actually a rival to the bees Sting the hornet (like Kovu), for gosh sakes there?s even a pair of dimwitted ants that reminded me of Timon and Pumbaa! But even though the characters themselves stand alone asgreat, the story is what SHOULD make you soar like a bee flying through a meadow. I was on edge throughout the film as I followed Maya?s story and her battle to fit in, while at the same time makingfriends with Willy and the fellow bugs in the meadow, including the ever-positive grasshopper Flip. Yes, there?s even a true villain in this film that you will eventually loathe and hope she gets her just-desserts (and she does in a wild thrilling ending) but the main morals to be learned is to ?bee?yourself and that everyone has a role and a purpose in life. You also MUST watch the bonus features ? and I don?t say that about many movies ? the interview with Maya, the TV episode (where AndreaLibman from MLP does a great job as Maya?s voice but I can?t pinpoint who does Willy?s), and the brief blooper reel. I also must say about the voice acting I was expecting it to be a bit rough ? most foreign films are ? but actually they weren?t bad at all. I loved Maya?s British accent and the guy who played Willy ? if he had an accent you couldn?t tell. Everything about this movie left me smiling,cheering, screaming at the villain a few times?but it was altogether a great package! I was able to embrace my ?inner bee?! Bravo Maya and your friends ? you?re un?bee?lievable!!! >:-)

Tyler R (es) wrote: This movie was stupid. It had a interesting idea but nothing happens in this movie. Lots of tension and buildup but it was boring and falls flat.

Jiana W (it) wrote: Interesting look at this kid's life. Really great acting from the whole cast. Leo DiCaprio is wonderful as Tobias (often going by the name Jack in here though.) Even from a young age the raw, natural talent shines through. Such a great actor. And DeNiro is terrifying but in an almost comical way as his tough-guy, domineering stepdad.

Jon P (us) wrote: You know that episode of The Simpsons, the one where medics tell Mr Burns his body only works because he has so many things wrong with him, they cancel each other out? Well, the same can be said for Bad Boy Bubby, a bizarro barrage of on-screen atrocities.Rolf de Heer's little-known cult classic follows a 35 year-old simpleton, finally liberated from his creepy mother's captivity, wreaking havoc on the streets of Australia. Bubby gets up to anything from rolling around with rock bands and getting bummed in prison to crucifying a cat in cling film and discovering a Doctor Doolittle-alike talent for talking to the disabled.The more we watch, the more we cringe, squirm and gasp, but what's astonishing is that Nicholas Hope's central performance is so strong, we genuinely care for, and are intoxicated by, Bubby's contemptuous character.Hysterically awkward cinema unlike anything else you'll ever see.