2009: Lost Memories

2009: Lost Memories

There are breakpoints in the history, the result of a single event may change the whole course. In 1909, an assassination attempt of a Japanese governor fails. Now, in 2009, Korea is just another state of Japan's Empire & Seoul has become a major city. A Korean resistance group fights for liberty, independence & the restoration of true history. Two cops, Japanese & Korean, investigate the group.

A failed assassination attempt in Harbin, China in 1909 changes the course of history. Now two JBI agents must find the connections between it and an ancient Korean artifact. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anne E (de) wrote: I enjoyed this quiet movie. Actors are all first rate. I must admit that it seemed the whole movie could have been a set up for one of the final lines: "If they can't be original, at least they can be extra crispy."

Dan W (ag) wrote: Had all the drugs, alcohol, and sex any coming of age story could have but more Poker could of made this movie a hit.

Alex K (br) wrote: Harrison Ford Is One Of My Favorite Film Actors.

Leena L (ca) wrote: Absolutely adorable romantic comedy on gender equality and women's liberation and revelation and just pure old fashion romantics, with serious flirting, double entendres, good laughs and brilliant soundtrack. Zelweger, McGregor and Paulson are great but the king of the film is.... David Hyde Pierce. Seriously. And if you watch it, watch the credits too not to miss anything.

Rachael F (jp) wrote: I am a big fan of Brad renfro so I want to see all of his movies

Olivier D (ca) wrote: allez trincamq !!! but but but !!!!

Jennifer D (gb) wrote: I've seen a lot of dance movies, but I have got to say that the end routine in this film just blows them all out of the water. It's phenomenal! The story here is pretty thin, but since when does anyone watch a musical for story? As blasphemous as this may be, it's a pity they didn't film in Technicolor. It would have popped fantastically. Still, entertainment in one of it's purest forms.

Micah F (ru) wrote: Before Anna Paquin became the ultimate fantasy of every male with a pulse, she was a cute little girl trying to deal with her mother's death by raising an orphaned flock of geese in her eccentric father's barn. At least, that's the premise of the 1996 film, "Fly Away Home." It's one of those movies that comes with the insincere tag line, "Inspired by a true story," which really means it's completely fabricated. But the appeal of the film comes not from its potential real-world roots, but from the beauty found in the connections between its incredibly heartfelt characters. This is an absolute classic not to be missed.

Dona J (es) wrote: I thought this was a really good film. It wasn't over the top at all and that is what I liked about it. It was very simple and to the point. What would happen if you were in the desert? Watch the film.

Karen S (au) wrote: makes me think of all the times I was in pain and wanted to give up.Jesus saved me and was always with me!Amen!???