2012: Science or Superstition

2012: Science or Superstition

An examination of the widely debated prediction that, based on the ancient Mayans' Long Count Calendar, the world will end in the year 2012. Collecting input from noted authors, ...

An examination of the widely debated prediction that, based on the ancient Mayans' Long Count Calendar, the world will end in the year 2012. Collecting input from noted authors, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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B D (fr) wrote: They (Stooges) were not that good, and Iggy had the "brains" to break glass on stage (Atlanta) and roll around in the shards. If you are actually that hung up on mindless, no talent, and noise, you'll probably like it. Personally, Iggy needed more band aids, and a band.

Vannesa G (us) wrote: i like this moviealot because it is a good horor movie

Jaime M (de) wrote: Pesima pelicula de terror.Sin mayores comentarios.

Mesha R (nl) wrote: I wanted to like it more than I did. I think kids would enjoy it a lot more and not notice how out of place the magic scenes were in the film. I was happy it took place in Canada and at West Ed. I was in the mall while the filming was going on so it's neat to see the final outcome. Though it was hard to tell if they were making fun of Canadians or just poking fun at Canadian stereotypes...?

Radek C (es) wrote: Eye-opening, should've been chosen for a wide realease definitely, esp. in US. Demands certain knowledge for full comprehension, though, cause a rather complex theme as economic theories and such are, can easily make you get lost. Got me convinced anyway.

Evan M (gb) wrote: A film that I hate myself for loving. Daring isn't the word. Necessary might be too much. A subject that should be handled with kid gloves. Yet bypasses all of it. The amount of balls contained in this film is astronomical.

Kenny P (mx) wrote: One of my favorite movies ever. The tale is so romantic, beautifully photographed, and moody.

Alex K (us) wrote: My Favorite Film Is 1941's Citizen Kane.

Glauce F (it) wrote: Antonioni + Wenders + Malkovich + Love Stories + U2 songs??? Sure 5 stars.

Barry S (gb) wrote: Ugh! This movie is supposed to be a romantic comedy. It is more of a comedy than romantic, but just barely. Billy Crystal delivers his required and expected vaudevillian one liner schtick and Debra Winger laughs at it, but comes back with nothing of her own. It's like a joke that floats into space forever. She could have phoned in her performance and maybe she did for all the enthusiasm she shows. There is absolute ZERO (pun intended) chemistry between the two of them and Debra often appears to be totally bored by it all. We are likewise bored by her boredom. This is a BAD job of casting. Debra almost looks old enough to be Billy's mother rather than his love interest. This is NOT "Sleepless in Seattle" meets "You've Got Mail" or whatever combination another critic compared it to. It's more like "Sleepy in Seattle" meets "Why Should Anyone Write to You." The silly jazz background music will either bore you to death or drive you bonkers. How many times can you hear "April in Paris" without getting nauseated. If you have something else to watch........do it. Barry S.

Kevin H (ca) wrote: Terry O'Quinn is back as the maniacal Stepfather and may actually give a better performance here than in the original. Unfortunately the film itself is not as good and falls short of providing the vehicle O'Quinn needs to really dominate. Brandis and Meg Foster are not nearly as good or believable as the mother and daughter in the original and the annoying friend is just a little too annoying for my liking. Still better than most films of this type though.

Daniel B (es) wrote: Synopsis: A spaghetti western by infamous horror director Lucio Fulci. PROS Bizarre The Bad Guy Michael J. Pollard The Icy Town Bloody Action sequences CONS Lucio Fulci weak narrative style The good guy The woman in distress Too little action Cinematography Score FINAL ANALYSIS I am in awe of Lucio Fulci and his dichotomy of great and horrible filmmaking. Most of his movie show flashes of brilliance and just awful filmmaking. It is obvious at time that Fulci was incapable of a completely focused vision and often this lends to his films having a lot of meandering and boring weak narrative with tons of wasted film. This is the case with this movie. It just mucks along with all the pacing of molasses in antartica. Occasionally there is an inspired moment, but to few are these moments. You want good Fulci check out House of Clocks, The Beyond, Cat In The Brain or Zombie. Avoid this movie.

Dennis b (us) wrote: A true American hero, and a quality movie. People like him are why you and I are free.

Alden S (ru) wrote: 9.5 out of 10:Despite some slow moments, this film builds up twist greatly and has great performances.