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22 torrent reviews

Maxim M (ag) wrote: Although the infomerical aspect of it is obvious, Under the electric sky brings a different perspective on the rave community and all together allows us to have a better understanding of this rapidly growing culture.

Marcus I (au) wrote: Jude Law has obviously never met any cockney gangsters. The performance is more Dick Van Dyke than Ray Winstone.

Susan B (de) wrote: This movie wore me out with its ups & downs (but in a good way). Based on the true story of a Scotsman and his personal transformation, it's very well done. Frank Rautenbach was so skilled at portraying a man in anguish that I bawled like a baby in reaction (something I rarely do). All the actors gave a great performance. Thanks for mentioning it Lynn!!

Tyson P (ca) wrote: ong bak was better but this movie is still amazing. Tony Jaa is a crazy stuntman

Josh L (ru) wrote: well worth the watch

Martin H (br) wrote: Remember seeing this back in 1993 at the cinema. OK 20 years later it's not a brilliant film, but it deserves a decent rating as it's one of my favorite childhood movies. Fun and easy to watch. Plus you gotta love Hulk Hogan. 6/10

Alyssa A (gb) wrote: Had ot watch it for science otherwise I'd never have seen it.

Leonard D (ag) wrote: An awesome example for how to make a Japanese anime! It doesn't depend on the beautiful visuals so much that the creators loose focus on the story, along with the characters, because it works so damn well in the way which it was presented! If Hollywood ever considers making a live action adaptation of this, then give it to the right people! Filmakers whom really respect the source material! Not a bunch of egotistical morons who don't know what the H they are doing!

Van W (fr) wrote: Probably Lange's best film, her performance makes an otherwise unremarkable film remarkable. Robbed by the Academy of her Oscar, which went to the usual hammy Streep (who never should have been cast in any non-comic role), it gave Lange the Best Supporting Actress Oscar that year for her walk through in Tootsie.

Mike S (ag) wrote: Enjoyable movie featuring The Rock and Johnny Knoxville. It's a standard tale of the hero gets beaten down only to rise back up as the film goes on. Happy ending etc etc. Anyone who enjoys The Rock's acting should enjoy this movie.

Sarfara A (br) wrote: Compulsion is directed by Richard Fleischer, based on novel of same name by Meyer Levin in 1956, that was itself based on the murder-trial of Leopold and Loeb. This is supposedly the first film produced by Richard D. Zanuck (son of legendary Darryl F. Zanuck). Film stars Dean Stockwell, Bradford Dillman and ORSON WELLES as attorney. Artie (Bradford) and Judd (Stockwell) run-over a boy to commit the "perfect crime". But they are suspected when police find evidence (glasses) belong to Judd. Attorney Wilk (Welles)) takes the case, saving them from capital punishment with motivational argument. Richard Fleischer maintains tone of film by preserving it in b&w, this definitely hypes the level insanity of some characters, weakness of mere folks ridiculed on the grounds of ostentatious flamboyancy by rich people. Whole cast gives applauding performance. Good editing, and excellent cinematography by William C. Mellor. NOTE: Orson Welles makes movie worth-watching, appearing almost after 1hr, film has actually passed.

Eddie B (nl) wrote: The culture an d language of violent and lust filled youth was a bit hard for me. A friend had recommended it. I really think Spring Break was better as a movie though I did appreciate Alpha Dog was based on a real life event.

Jay B (de) wrote: Just the right amount of crude and twisted. While its story is small, Bad Words is satisfying and very very entertaining. Bateman really wins here.

Nick A (mx) wrote: The film's climax is a precise embodiment of its whole -- massive neon lights flickering obnoxiously to the amplified crescendo of M83 while the three leads superfluously gaze upon each other with cocked heads and over-sympathetic eyes -- a frenetic exercise in romance fantasy without a sense of pace, restraint, reality, or cinema.

Price P (nl) wrote: While the cast is exceptional and the found footage aspect is actually pretty interesting. The end sucks some fun out for me, but all in all still a good movie.

Sowmya A (us) wrote: Impressive. Though they could have made the plot more interesting and twisted as the character of Abigail beautifully played by Selma!

Drowsy I (fr) wrote: I always agree with rotten tomatoes but this was actually a really good movie it wasn't the best I'll give it a 50/50 it was very entertaining because this is a first of demons and gargoyles and it had the famous actor Bill Nighy you can obviously tell it's from the underworld makers and they did put a little bit of good effort in the movie it was a little out of whack but it wasn't too bad and I actually enjoyed it I prefer this movie then Suicide Squad any day of the week anytime I am a great critic I am from Los Angeles Hollywood

Phani T (ca) wrote: Jhonny Depp - didn't know he was in this. Once I knew, didn't stop watching. The "lead" pair has little to do, in terms of acting skills . Depp, though, is a rock star!! Cool, unrealistic, action.Ok to watch.

Fred R (de) wrote: This movie is a waste of film time and money!

Ethan L (ru) wrote: Wreck-it Ralph might have had too much in its plate... but it sure is one hell of a race track.