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Sanjay wanted to study art, but his domineering father, an engine-driver in retirement after a crippling injury, insisted that a railway job, with its security, was the best thing for him. So Sanjay ended up as a train conductor, unhappy with the career forced upon him, and the mechanical, meaningless life that he lives. In the course of his duty on the train, he runs into a working girl, Shalini and feels attracted to her. His father hears about his interest in Shalini, strongly disapproves of it and intervenes in Sanjay's life once again. Unable to stand up to his father, Sanjay soon finds himself married to a village girl. Life becomes even more unbearable for Sanjay. He takes to wandering and seeks comfort in drink and brothels. One final chance comes his way to break loose from his shackles and plan a new life with Shalini.

Sanjay is on a pilgrimage journey to Varanasi and remembers his life in flashbacks. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert B (mx) wrote: Radio personality Robb Spewak described Fatso as "an awful movie". However, he has been playing clips from the movie for years, so I was as intrigued as I was skeptical. Sure enough, Mr. Spewak was correct, as this is a pretty rotten movie, despite the presence of comedy great Dom Deluise. There are a few memorable scenes, including one where the guys passionately discuss various ways to stuff a donut. I enjoyed listening to the way some of the guys spoke, as their cut-off windpipes (due to being really fat) made for some funny voices. Honestly though, this is a terrible movie. If you want to hear all of the entertaining parts, just listen to The Mike O'Meara Show. They play them from time to time. Skip the movie.

Shauvik H (br) wrote: A very good interpretation of truth....based on d actual incidence of d Mumbai Blasts!

Nonit D (fr) wrote: It was a nice movie!!!

Alberto C (ca) wrote: Barata imitacion de "dumb and dumber", pero tiene sus momentos.

Ives L (fr) wrote: To sing,to laugh, to dream, to walk in my own way, be alone, free, with an eye to see things as they are, a voice that means manhood. To cock my hat where i choose, to travel any road under the sun, under the stars, nor doubt if fame or fortune lie beyond the bourne.Never to make a line I have not heard in my own heart yet with all modesty to say my soul be satisfied with flowers, with fruits, with weeds even, but to gather them in the one place you may call your own.

Jessica H (mx) wrote: by the end of all these eyebrow raising cliches there is actually something a bit enjoyable underneath.

Alex B (es) wrote: A movie version of (what's wrong with) the "broken windows theory"? Or at least a break from all the pro-police shows on TV.

Scot A (fr) wrote: Well, Tracy Davis is a pleasure to look at, but other than that the movie is toy space ships and plywood, transparent weak plot and characters borrowed from more popular movies. Nothing original here...

cscarsy m (ru) wrote: pure filth. i love it.

Tophee C (es) wrote: The most humane post-nuclear Cold War film you'll get to see with "Offret" (1986) and "Threads" (1984). This one is about accepting and moving on. Fair enough, but it is hard to buy the general passiveness. This film tries to make you believe that people are ready to just accept death without batting an eyelid. No panic, no fit, no breakdown, not even a common desire to find out more about what can be improved or where to go, and that basically they'd rather just go back to playing piano and burying their relatives. Hardly plausible in my book, and that's probably the most depressing thing about it.

John H (nl) wrote: Pretty decent, good characters and a some good themes, including messages about animal cruelty which I like.