29 Palms

29 Palms

When a bag filled with money goes missing from a casino, the Hitman (Chris O'Donnell) must retrieve it. While he tracks the stash down, the bag changes hands numerous times, finding its way to the Drifter (Jeremy Davies) and the Waitress (Rachael Leigh Cook), among others. As the bag's journey continues, more characters, including the Cop (Michael Rapaport) and the Sheriff (Keith David), get drawn into the winding crime tale, and the search becomes increasingly desperate.

This is the story of a bag of money and the people who come into contact with it. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Owen D (au) wrote: It's bullet proof. But a arrow, and air boat fan will kill it! If nothing else, it had Wade Boggs in it...

Joyce B (mx) wrote: The only thing plausible is the bombs. After that, its just fill in until the end. Absolutely no chemistry between the primary actors.


Jayakrishnan R (mx) wrote: 41%Saw this on 19/6/14Timeline is an adaptation from the famous novel of the same name from Michael Crichton. It is directed by the director of Lethal Weapon series and Superman movies. How could this movie be so bad then? not to mention the A-list cast. The only good thing about this movie is the special effects that it has in the second half, mostly towards the last 40 minutes and a good ending, which obviously had to be credited to the author of the books. Timeline is an above average watch which can be forgotten after viewing it once. It's execution is at times, especially in the first half clumsy and cheesy and the entire first half has the look of a cheap B movie. The acting from some part of the cast is good or at least watchable, but there are others like Billy Connolly and Frances O'Connor who simply does awful work. Every time Fances O'Connor utters a word I feel like slapping her to death, her acting was such awful and more awful were her overblown makeups. Gerard Butler is good as Merek and Anna Friel is also satisfactory. Paul Walker has nothing much to do in the film other than showing a smiling face which is largely due to the fact that his character is not the main one in the novel which leaves some emptiness there. The film lacks the emotional resonance of the book, but since the story is adapted from the book, it has some good twists. A better treatment would have ensured a more watchable film. The massive failure of the film seemed to have halted the career of Richard Donner as a director.


Grant S (au) wrote: Good fun.Having seen a advert for a nudist camp, two men decide to go camping there. They then taking their unwitting girlfriends along, but end up going to the wrong camp. Meanwhile a busload of girls from nearby school are heading to the camp too, plus a varied assortment of characters...One of the better Carry On films. The humour can be quite naughty at times, but is more often clever than dirty. Generally not as low-brow as the Carry One films sometimes could be. Some good skits and one-liners.Plus, the movie has a great fun-driven momentum. Never a dull moment.

Matthew C (mx) wrote: "The conquest of new worlds always makes demands of human life. And there will always be men who will accept the risk." It seems like this tale has been told just too many times. Every other science fiction/horror film in the 50s seems to have involved a guy going up in a rocket, getting manipulated by something, then returning to earth as a slavering monster. This one has a good cast and is well shot. But it's just more of the same. I think The Quatermass Xperiment has a bit more flare. But this one is better than several others I've seen.

Paul C (es) wrote: Superior Ealing light comedy featuring the irrepressible comic talents of Stanley Holloway and Margaret Rutherford. Typical of the genre and uniquely British in outlook (at least for the period!) it makes you hark back for a more simpler, innocent time!

John D (jp) wrote: I kinda enjoyed this despite its many, many flaws. The first person camera is annoying. Robert Montgomery isn't tough enough to play Marlowe. The femme fatales were a little too over-the-top. I haven't read the novel, but judging by the Chandler I have read I'm pretty sure they changed quite a bit. And yet I'd say Lady in the Lake is worth watching for any noir fans because of the unique filming style.

Dann M (jp) wrote: A fairly mediocre melodrama, Breathe In is formulaic and clichd. The story follows a high school music teacher and his family as they take in an exchange student from the U.K., but things get complicated when he starts to feel a connection with her. Guy Pearce and Felicity Jones give good performances, but they don't really have much to work with. And, the plot is incredibly trite and predictable; having no originality to it. However, the directing adds a bit of subtext and atmosphere. Yet overall, Breathe In is a stereotypical forbid love affair type film that follows the usual tropes.

Colleen H (mx) wrote: Joan Collins in 1977? Nothing less than 4 stars

Michelle C (br) wrote: One of the best movies I've ever seen!!