29th Street

29th Street

Based on the life of Frank Pesce (Danny Aiello), an actor who won $6 million in the first New York State Lottery in 1976, this comedy focuses on the tight-knit Italian-American neighborhood in Brooklyn where Pesce grew up. It's also the story of how those gigantic winnings ended up becoming a curse of sorts (a case of "be careful what you wish for").

Frank Pesce is the luckiest man alive in spite of his bad luck. Based on a true story, a man growing up in a tough New York neighborhood has a gift for finding himself in the worst possible... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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max h (jp) wrote: It's a revelation to hear the voices of all your friends and to learns their real faces as well.

Zahid M (es) wrote: Pretty cheesy but enjoyable. You end having a good time !

Remi L (jp) wrote: I think it goes without saying the first Street Kings is better. Maybe I'm biased. The first one was based in LA and featured a slew of celebrity cameos from familiar actors and rappers whereas this sequel is based in Detroit with completely different characters, only four of which I actually recognize. I did enjoy this film, but its a plot that could've easily been used on an episode of, say, Southland. Which brings me to my next issue: Shawn Hatosy just seemed to be playing a calmer version of his cop character from the TV series, minus the crazy wife or calming partner. This is one of those movies you watch late at night when nothing else is on and you're just in the mood for a cop drama. There was nothing very remarkable about this film, it was light on laughs, and the violence was what you'd expect in a cop film. Again, I might just be losing interest in cop films due to the advent of CSI, Law & Order and the like. I was entertained, but I see why it was straight-to-DVD. It was nothing special.

Aster P (ru) wrote: Awesome crossover! Would've rated it higher if they had used more of the heroes' actual decks.

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Millo T (mx) wrote: Robert Redford has a special quality to find good stories in the past and look to them in a new perspective. Close to 3.5.

nas (nl) wrote: he got 24 demons left...mebbe in the next movie...?

Francesca J (es) wrote: Worse than i was expecting. I only picked it up because Keira Knightly was in it but it was not worth the $10 i paid for it. Granted she was young when she made this her acting wasn't all that great. The script was thin which made the story nonsensical.

Marc R (de) wrote: Julianne Moore has rarely been better than she is here as she slowly but surely crumbles to pieces. "Safe" contains many possible interpretations, none of them alleviate the film's terrifying ambiguity and trenchant observations on class, paranoia and the "women's role."

Adam M (mx) wrote: Good for a French movie.


Timothy J (jp) wrote: One of my favorite old movies.

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Tracy W (ru) wrote: An absolute mess from start to finish.

Marie S (fr) wrote: Rupert Everett helped give it a higher ranking. His character and how he portrayed him was very entertaining.

Ian R (de) wrote: Anyone who says that the skateboard jousting match isn't the greatest thing ever is out of his/her mind. This movie is completely off the wall and ridiculous and yet the makers were so earnest about showing "youth culture" ... hilarious. If only there was a rec centre in danger, this would have been the ultimate 80's movie.