The film follows Marie, Jirka and their wealthy parents, as well as murderer Jiří Tichý. The film takes place mostly in southern Moravia. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Octavian (nl) wrote: Warning:ViolenceThe acting's there, the cinematography's there, the colours and shadows and story are there. the plot is there. SO i'm going to have to blame the editor for the fact that this movie can't hold my attention.

Julian H (au) wrote: I really wanted to love this film, having loved Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon which I'm sure for many in the west was their introduction to the wuxia genre. Sadly I was left feeling this would have worked better as a novel. Truth is, the way the story is told in this film was rather poor, and key plot twists come and go with diminishing interest, and increasing predictability. It's crying out for a remake: consider this a first draft.

Joe E (ru) wrote: It's interesting how sharply this film's ratings divide along political lines; liberals love it, and conservatives call it the worst movie ever made. As always, the truth is somewhere in between; but more than a few astute insights ("white people got more in common with colored people then they do with rich people", for example) are there for those willing to suspend their personal biases long enough to absorb them. Beatty effectively skewers the Washington political machine, which now, almost 20 years later, is even more obviously broken than it was then. Unfortunately his call to action was not heeded, and we continue to head toward hell in a hand basket at an ever-accelerating rate. On a purely cinematic level, the film is very entertaining and well worth seeing; I just wish it had had more of an impact.

Joel A (us) wrote: A clever office comedy focusing on new technology vs old...it really is also a vehicle for at the time unheard of company IBM company pushing a product called a computer....who would have thought it'd take off.Spencer Tracey to me really steals the show, he underplays this role to a tee & has such a presence. Hepburn is always her usual wonderful self, this film gets a little chaotic near the end but it has a charm to it.It's incredible how 95% of this film is a complete set but they pull it off & it is worth a watch a cute light comedy.

Bill E (jp) wrote: Hadn't heard of it so I had no expectations and was pleased that it turned out to be like a spelling bee version of Bad Santa. If you loved one you will definitely love the other. Same for haters but I have to hope it's easier on the eyes to see Bateman be such an irredeemable [bad word]. If nothing else you can appreciate that he also directed this and did a good job it. Got a charming performance out the kid, too. For the record, I don't give these kinds of movies 5 stars because they're Citizen Kane but because they totally accomplish what they set out to do.

John B (br) wrote: The film was rubbish & very slow & no action

Panos M (es) wrote: Goldberg is very good and the movie is pretty funny.

Jocey D (jp) wrote: Well made movie but slow to develop and predictable every step of the way. Chris, in spite of her superior intellect and her dreams, is doomed to repeat every woman's destiny. Life was hard in Scotland. She endured it like many others but made her own choices along the way, with the help from her kind mate. But then the war changes everything. You can't help but pity Chris for her dreary and miserable existence.

Carlos I (br) wrote: Good old fashioned cartoony humor and action. Still a fun flick. Remember when Bruce Willis actually used to try, and didn't just phone in every performance...?