Nozomi and Lana share an apartment in Tokyo. They have both auditioned for the same role in a movie, and know that the shortlist has been cut down to just the two of them. As they wait the night before finding out who will get the role, their personality clashes erupt into an all-out battle.

Two actresses who have auditioned for one part, sharing the same apartment with opposite personalities equals a night which either neither of them will forget - if they survive! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sarah T (ru) wrote: I just wasted almost two hours of my life. This isn't one of those "finish-the-movie-feeling-empowered" kinds of movies.

Conor M (fr) wrote: made me really angry. mostly angry at the cops and stuff but eventually i started to hate that nobody had anything smart to say. seriously all the characters were fuckin morons and really wasted all of the attention that they got

Gavin D (us) wrote: The first thirty minutes of this movie are hilarious. It loses all coherence in the second act however, and the only thing that saved this movie was the final act. For the most part, I liked Visioneers.

Rupa B (fr) wrote: A cute, light-hearted affair. Gad is so loveable, how could I not adore this film! Personally, I would've liked a different ending but really, it was fine the way it was. It's perfect if you want a good-mood film or a laugh. And if you like Gad Elmaleh, it's definitely recommended!

Jaquenta J (ca) wrote: Loved the storyline... gives you a peek into what it's like to have to live in that world and exist in the outside world as well.

Kyle B (ag) wrote: A really dark and twisted by oddly fun movie about the making of a horror classic. I'm not too familiar with the movie Nosferatu (this movie has peaked my interest) but if this is really the true story about how that film was made, wow. John Malkovich is one of our greatest actors and he is excellent as the director within the movie. Willem DaFoe rightfully was nominated for an Oscar and other awards for this magnificent, juicy, and creepy performance as the count himself. Great supporting work from Eddie Izzard and Cary Elwes as well. It has wonderful costumes, make up, directing, writing, score, cinematography, and art direction/production design. Definitely one of the best movies about the making of a movie I've seen

Campbell P (mx) wrote: There's some comedies that make you laugh hysterically and feel sympathy for memorable characters and then there's Billy Madison. This 90's comedy stars then mega comedian Adam Sandler as a man-child in his twenties who has to go through grades 1 through 12 to gain the hotel company from his rich father. This whole plot is the dumbest idea I've heard for a movie and even if it is a Sandler movie it's a bad idea from the start. The fact that gaining his dad's trust by going through school to prove he's worthy is so utterly useless and the most unbelievably horrendous aspect of this film. It's kind of scary to be honest! Would you be cheering for this guy if he didn't know how to act and then got a hotel company? I couldn't cheer for Billy Madison if it meant the world!! Just give it to the great employee that you have who is totally more qualified to run a company than a fool of a man who has to go through school again to prove himself. The story is total throwaway trash that shouldn't even exist because of how awful it was written. It's ridiculous to think that Sandler got paid ridiculous amounts of money for playing this unlikable obnoxious imbecile. This shouldn't even be counted as acting when he throws tantrums and yells because anyone could've done that. ANYONE. Some people in this film can act actually and it's not bad it's just hard to focus on them when there's this stupid main character in my face the whole time. I can't say that this movie isn't funny because I chuckled once or twice and this movie will be funny to some people if they like this type of humor. Comedy has such a wide range that it's hard to judge if everyone will like a movie but man this is not my type of comedy in the least. Billy Madison isn't a comedy where it has smart dialogue, In fact a 4 year old could've written this movie if Adam Sandler hadn't shoved his crayons in his ears. Billy Madison is a total pass film unless you want to turn your brain off, take it out and throw it far. Then you'll understand this movie. There's no good writing, chemistry, acting really, dialogue, or even jokes for the most part. However since a few jokes made me laugh I can't give this garbage an F. D-

Robbie M (gb) wrote: Bunnies in the trenches! This is an incredible imagining of a silent with sound. Every take, every cut looks authentic (except perhaps the tinted scenes--the tinting looks too fluid), and each is imbued with generous love and admiration for historic cinema, and with the necessary perversity to make the movie relevant and pleasurable for the modern viewer. It's often hilarious and delightfully depraved.

Cyril M (de) wrote: I think the film is too good for its audience. I know it got a lot of bad reviews, but if you want to enjoy something well done you have to invest yourself into it. Another factor to the film being panned is that I think to many critics are quick to downgrade a story that looks like conspiracy theory. I think this is an excellent movie for some of the lines gave me chills because the screenplay came from a truthful sense of history. As to the idea that the dialogue was too clever for working class cops, I think that is snobbery of the first order. I think this film is badly underrated.

Greg W (au) wrote: not Hitch's best but still WatchaBle

Jake A (it) wrote: Though it is far from the best fantasy-action film and it is hard not to draw comparisons to the likes of the Lord of the Rings this is still the strongest film adaption of a video game I have seen, which isn't saying much considering past efforts but it can mostly stand up on its own merits. Visually it looks great, the score is rousing and well done, the action is thrilling and holds no punches and even though I have never played the game and had little knowledge of the world going into this I felt it did a decent enough job of setting up the world and the vast array of characters.