2Pac 4 Ever

2Pac 4 Ever

Legendary rapper Tupac Shakur led a controversial life. From his mercurial rise to hip-hop fame to his tragic death, Tupac burned the candle at both ends and was an inspiration to millions ...

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Kyle B (gb) wrote: This movie is a weird one and targets a very indie crowd that has nice moments but doesn't flow all together 100%. I like it mostly for the performances from Schwartzman, Moss, Ritter, and especially Pryce. They all get great moments to shine Moss and Pryce have the best moments but the thing about this movie is a lot of the characters in this are just plain annoying. That's the point and even Pryce's character bursts out in the middle of the film telling Ritter's character she is a pain in the ass and Moss tells Schwartzman off too but it gets a little obnoxious after a while. It has a unique look to it but it isn't for everybody.

Kyle C (us) wrote: If you are walking into this one looking for a masterpiece, i would recommend you keep walking. But if you walk into this looking for a bloody good time, then stop and have a seat. It's a slasher movie that finally does it right for a change. It takes place at a sorority house (obviously) where there are the main 5 girls, The bitchy leader of the group, the sex addict slut faced hose bag, the shy innocent one, the girl who knows the right thing to do, and the off white/asian girl (there is one in ever movie). Now, when a prank on one of the boys goes horribly wrong, the bitch tells the others that they need to cover it up to not ruin any of their lives because that's what sisterhood is all about. Months later they all receive a text message that someone is after them and knows what they did, they all start dying one by one. This type of movie has been done many, many, many times before but for some reason this one worked for me and I really liked it.

Stephen M (jp) wrote: This Dutch WWII drama is visually stark and tense. It's also somewhat unbelievable and inconsistent. The facts here may be loosely based on a true story, but it feels like the truth morphed over time in the minds of the people involved. The young teenager Lakemeier is the son of Thiry, the kowtowing mayor of a small Dutch town overrun by Nazis. The clumsy kid is nonplussed by his father's sly, deferential treatment of the SS troops in order to keep the starving berg peaceful. Lakemeier is both protected by his father's position and aided by his own sneakiness; he and his pals steal Nazi artifacts. So, when given a task behind enemy lines, the boy jumps at the chance. While completing his covert operation, Lakemeier fi nds an injured British soldier (Campbell Bower) and sets to protect him. Can you already sense there is a lot going on in the film? Yet most of this tale feels like a mash-up of other, much better WWII coming-of-age films. Noble Lakemeier is good, but he cannot hold together a story where the dad is both wimpy and sneaky, and the Nazis vacillate between vicious and kind. Soon, the sullen sister is asked for help, the Nazis start torturing poor old dad, and then it all devolves into a ridiculous chase sequence. By that point, Winter in Wartime has lost us all in the woods around that little Dutch village.

Pablo G (br) wrote: Easily one of Lynchs most intriguing and terryfying films, Inland Empire relies heavily on its surrealistic imagery and premise, making it a movie that while hard to follow, is still pretty haunting and interesting for the sake of the dream-like, almost nightmerish, moments it can create, and with great acting and characters, it is a film that every Lynch fan would love to watch over and over only for the sake of decrypting its deepest meanings.

Thomas A (ru) wrote: A very engaging heist movie set in UK and Malaysia. Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones have an unusual chemistry (considering their age difference), but overall it's fine.

Alexander B (de) wrote: Que Viva Mexico begins as a documentary about Mexican culture and lifestyle in the late 1920's. The viewer is shown the wildlife, architectural landmarks, a wedding ceremony, bullfighting, how the locals make alcohol out of cactus juice, amongst other things. Throughout the first part of the film, everything seems well done, mostly appropriate and apolitical. The Russian voicever slightly exotifies the subjects, but is overall decently done. About halfway in, we are shown a Mexican girl who gets raped by a guard at a wealthy mansion. Thus, Eisenstein's documentary turns into a dramatized tale of savage revenge. Supposedly, Eisenstein shot between 30-50 hours of footage and the film was never seen to completion. However, it is still mindboggling why the different parts of the film follow almost completely different agendas, effectively taking away any validity and voice away from the motion picture. I cannot help but wonder if this was done to exotify Mexicans as fascinating savages for the proletariat viewers back in Eisenstein's home country.

Lus Fernando B (br) wrote: Sem dvidas, uma descrio objetiva e crua das atrocidades cometidas contra os vietnamitas na traumtica Guerra do Vietn. Entretanto, o documentrio tambm destaca-se por abordar tanto o implacvel imperialismo estadunidense quanto a alienao que impera absoluta nas foras armadas do Tio Sam e em grande parte da sociedade norte-americana - ainda que, claro, j existissem no pas diversas organizaes militares, polticas e sociais contrrias carnificina no Vietn. Grandes elogios para a montagem inteligente e habilidosa - que j deixa clara a posio do cineasta, sem a necessidade de uma narrao em off - e para os variados e interessantes depoimentos das testemunhas, agentes e vtimas do conflito. Mas alm do seu imensurvel valor histrico, "Coraes e Mentes" tambm nos lega a infeliz constatao de que o cenrio militar estadunidense praticamente sofreu nenhuma mudana nos ltimos tempos, mesmo depois de todos os estragos causados pelas bombas de napalm.

Oliseb F (nl) wrote: Un must ! Mme aprs le 20e visionnage, il fait toujours autant rire ! "Ein rendez-vous ! Das ist ein grosse folie !"

Kale W (us) wrote: 3.67 --- Oddly weird and charming at the same time.