The film takes on a journey through the love story of Ram (Dhanush) and Janani (Shruti Haasan) who are 12th grade students and eventually fall in love with each other. As they grow up, so does their affinity for each other, and despite opposition from the elders, they tie the knot. When they start a fresh life, problems start to grow up. Apart from the usual misunderstanding difficulties that newly-married couples would face, this is of a different kind. Ram is forced to take a decision in that problematic situation.

Ram and Janani's three stages of love - their attraction for each other during their school days, their love at college days, and the relationship when they mature. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adil S (ca) wrote: Ramchand Pakistani is a great artistic Pakistani movie. The story is derived from a true story, where a child accidentally crosses the border to India from Pakistan. His father also follows him in order to find him, and both of them are held by the authorities at LoC and put into jail. The movie gives a brilliant description of the prison life, and this absurd situation. The acting performances are also good.

Colton D (gb) wrote: One of the best rom-coms of recent memory that is equally sweet as it is gut-bustingly funny.

(ca) wrote: "I was pleasantly surprised with this film. I thought it was going to be a cheese fest with a crappy plot line with mediocre acting. I won't say all the acting was great, but most of it was pretty solid. The robbing of the bank played out pretty smartly. I was surprised at how clever the whole thing was. I didn't see it playing out that way. I like it when a movie that you picked only so you could pass the time turns out to be a good little thriller. Christopher George and Chris Lowell are standouts for me. I have always liked Christopher George. I've seen him in quite a few films. I think this might be my first film that I have seen Lowell in, and I think he did great. If you get the chance to see this then do. Maybe it will surprise you as much as it did me."

Buggy B (fr) wrote: This movie, as well as disturbing is visually stunning and has a great soundtrack. Claire Danes gives a perfect performance in her role as the more headstrong of the two girls, (damn can she act) and the ending is haunting 07.13 (2)"A pair of nave American teens vacationing in Bangkok are unjustly arrested, convicted and sent to prison for 33 years for smuggling heroin in Thailand."

forcebucket B (gb) wrote: The man is funny. NO doubt about it.

Ian C (de) wrote: Re-Watch. This is priceless. Rothrock is involved in the underground street fighting scene but the money obviously isn't good enough so she works as a waitress to put her sister through college. In the meantime a serial killer is killing loads of red heads believing that they are his runaway ex. A bit of a coincidence as this cat is also a champion street fighter and when he rapes his wife he relives his winning fights. Rothrock's sister would also have to be a redhead. You do the maths. The ending is comedy gold. The cops also happen to be experts in martial arts and can tell that the eyeball collecting serial killer is a martial artist due to the bruises he is leaving on his victim's necks. It is a special dragon claw technique ha-ha.

Lasse C (gb) wrote: This film is terrific. The story of an immigrant father and his son who try desperately to find their place in the world and be free. Max von Sydow is excellent as Pelle's father. His expressive eyes say it all when it comes to portraying desperation, anger and hope. Even though the film is hard at times, it also brilliantly portrays the one thing that drives the characters and the central theme of the movie - hope.

Kody S (nl) wrote: It is one of the best films of 1984.

Byron B (ag) wrote: A sweet breezy romance between a 20 year old hippie and a 55 year old divorcee directed by Clint Eastwood. Kay Lenz plays the cute, easy-going, drifter with a loving sunshiny attitude toward the world. William Holden plays the bitter, cynical, un-trusting, real estate agent who has convinced himself he likes being alone. At times the dialog gets a bit sappy, but overall I liked the issues the movie dealt with, and some of the conversations. It's just a small movie with believable performances and admittedly some uncomfortable moments because of the age difference of the leads.

Niko M (ag) wrote: Just watched it on DVD last night, havent seen it on centuries... brings back some chilling childhood memories! Scary? Nah, but a shit load of fun!

Jon D (au) wrote: An excellent piece of wartime drama, although very dated now.

Zachary K (gb) wrote: preposterously underrated by seemingly everyone in the film critic world, this intelligent and powerful thriller is driven by an intriguing plot and truly excellent performances (with ed harris turning in possibly his greatest work portraying a vicious psychopath) and has surprises to spare. connery and fishburne complement each other very well, and the story will keep viewers interested. unfairly judged and pitifully (and unjustly) crititcized by professionals, this one definitely deserves a viewing despite what even the world's most famous critics say about it.

Thomas B (it) wrote: ****Ryan Gosling and George Clooney shine in this political drama, with a great script and interesting characters.

Francisco D (gb) wrote: Confuso, sem sentido por mesclar vrios enredos e no decidir se uma cpia de Gladiador, ou de Jesus de Nazar, ou de rink de UFC.

Omar L (gb) wrote: "rather than just sit here, feeling sorry for myself or whatever, I'll get on with it and I'll die on the way down."

Dave H (kr) wrote: Epic, complex Western/character piece, basically Mutiny on the Bounty with cows. The cattle drive and the Western tropes are great fun, and I adore the fact that only about 5 minutes of this two hour piece is set inside (stunning B&W lensed exteriors), but the heart of the piece comes from the conflict between leadership, communication and masculinity styles of John Wayne and Montgomery Clift's characters. The famous leads deliver the acting goods, no surprise re Clift, but a big one re Wayne (Red River is up there with the Searchers as Wayne's career highlight). Fascinating moral ambiguity in ALL main characters, but especially Wayne's Tom Dunstan who is more villain than hero. The women characters' are the weakest link unfortunately, overly dramatic and swoony and wedged in mostly for plot purposes. And the ending - after the suspense that's come before, is a little pat, disappointing, anti-climatic. But generally, this is one of the best Westerns of all time - genius casting, scripting, subtext and complexity, especially by Howard Hawks standards. What I like best is that it shows - completely unselfconsciously - a balance between the unbending toughness required to tame the West, and the more egalitarian ideology required to civilize it.