3 Blind Mice

3 Blind Mice

Thomas is a talented computer programmer living in a vibrant, urban metropolis. Lonely and unsure about life, he finds solitude in the world of internet chat rooms, webcam sites and virtual communication. One evening, Thomas witnesses the brutal murder of a webcam friend and in a vain attempt to protect her he becomes the prime suspect in the homicide. Determined to prove his innocence, Thomas teams up with Claire, a specialist in internet crimes to uncover the truth. To expose the murderer, Claire and Thomas decide to set up their own webcam site using Claire as the cyber bait. Somewhere down the line the truth becomes blurred and Thomas no longer knows where to turn or who to trust. As his life starts to spiral out of control, he has to face the terrifying reality that he could be the next victim.........the virtual nightmare has only just begun.

Thomas is a young computer specialist who spends most of his (spare?) time on the net. He logs regularly on Cathy's site and apparently runs a very strong - but platonic! - relationship ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jake N (fr) wrote: Great story, mind-blowing cinematography, and phenomenal mise en scene.

FranoisXavier R (ca) wrote: Un documentaire surprenant

Paul P (es) wrote: Just like Quiet City, there is a lot to like here. The story is slight but it is intriguing. The hand held visuals place you right next to these people and whilst the acting is not the greatest, the naturalism of their performances make this quite intimate. Considering the short running time, the makers have tried to cram a lot in, which means that come the end, we are not quite sure where we stand. Personally, I quite like the open ended nature of the film, but it will be frustrating to most. Overall, this was not as good as Quiet City but I liked what they were trying to do....

Garwin S (us) wrote: In the same vein as his other political movie "Wag the Dog", Barry Levinson seems to be motivated to steer away from what he does best - humanistic dramas, to confused stories with a political message. His heart's in the right place, but it's not his forte'

Nick S (ag) wrote: This is one of the most creative movies I've ever seen. Very well done. There's never been anything like it and it would be hard to do it again any better.

Ryan J (es) wrote: This was the most emotional documentary I have ever seen. Just unbelievable how poor our justice system really is.

Vanessa R (it) wrote: I thought this was pretty cute, I enjoyed watching it with my little girl.

Steve R (ca) wrote: Ultimate cheese! Should get top billing for a Bad Movie Watching Day!

Sherief A (nl) wrote: Love the lighting, the cinematography, the acting, the characters and the whole very natural atmosphere; as chaotic and noisy and full of life, despite desperate lives, as any film from Latin America. Seemingly plotless and the themes would rise from time to time in a subtle way. Very well directed.

Private U (us) wrote: Needs less Goldblum.

Daniel A (kr) wrote: Frigging awesome Alien rip-off beaming with sleaze and slime. Sci-fi trash at its best!

Matti K (de) wrote: John Houghin ohjaama "Draculan kaksoset" (tai videolevitysnimeltn "Pirun kaksoset") on ptsosa Hammerin Karnstein-trilogialle, joka perustuu lyhsti John Sheridan Le Fanun novelliin. Suht mukiinmenevss vampyyrileffassa identtiset kaksoissisarukset joutuvat tekemisiin niin puritaanisen pappissukulaisensa kuin sielunsa pahoilaiselle kauppaavan kreivinkin kanssa. Legendaarinen Peter Cushing tekee mit mainioimman roolisuorituksen noituudesta epiltyjen tyttsten inkvisaattorina.

Aj V (ag) wrote: This is my absolute favourite of the Road series, it was the second I saw (I've seen them all now.), and it's the funniest if you ask me.

Emily B (jp) wrote: A bit sickening, to say the least. (Although, I'll admit that Brooke Shields might have been the most gorgeous teenager to ever live.)

Nostok H (kr) wrote: Me gusta Emma as que no puedo ser imparcial...

dan u (it) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie. Loved both Katharine and Henry in the movie. LEGENDS.