3 Doors of Horrors

3 Doors of Horrors

3 horror shorts from Malaysia I Miss You Two: School life is one of the most interesting moments in a lifetime. Some people, some things, will forever be carved in one’s memory. Floating Sun: The novelist, Fiona Lim, is writing a true story of a teenage girl who drowned in a river many years ago. Horror Mission: A local film crew is shooting a horror film in the suburb when the actress playing the ghost is suddenly possessed by a spirit.

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3 Doors of Horrors torrent reviews

Randy P (es) wrote: A movie you can watch over and over again without it growing old and stays as funny as it was the first watch.

Petros K (gb) wrote: [Holbrook is] wonderful.22 5 2013

Harsh C (fr) wrote: A bit slow and illogical, but interesting

Chris J (ag) wrote: It's kind of like a Guy Richie movie... but really gay.

Lucas P (it) wrote: Funny, smart, crazy and genius. Just like anything else.

Sergio B (us) wrote: Buena, pero con un guin demasiado clsico.

Giovanni M (mx) wrote: Entertaining action sequences and great production design make for an entertaining movie with a handful of flaws.

David I (it) wrote: We all need a parent like that!