3 hommes et un couffin

3 hommes et un couffin

Jacques, steward de Air France, accepte de garder un paquet pour le compte de Paul. Le paquet sera remis chez lui à la maison, où il vit avec deux amis, Pierre et Michel. Mais Jacques ...

Jacques, steward de Air France, accepte de garder un paquet pour le compte de Paul. Le paquet sera remis chez lui à la maison, où il vit avec deux amis, Pierre et Michel. Mais Jacques ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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(jp) wrote: "It Follows + Kill List" = Starry Eyes.

Alonso A (ru) wrote: Great directing debut for Joseph Gordon-Levitt, with a risky topic, he managed to show in a stylish way how to tell an unorthodox but universal story.

Luis O (kr) wrote: I have no idea how I managed to missed this Almodovar film, but glad I finally saw, so many twists and turns, Excellent!

Niloo R (ag) wrote: i love this movie with all my heart. it's so funny, so cute and so damn profound. i don't think i've ever laughed and cried so much during the same film. adrienne shelley was a brilliant woman and her loss was a great tragedy. she is what i aspire to as a filmmaker.

Kate T (it) wrote: Amazing! Just 2 hrs of unbridled fury thrown at David Lynch. Favorite line:"Kiefer! Kiefer!"

Claudia R (mx) wrote: It was a good movie. Made me cry.

Matthew S (ca) wrote: While it almost feels like Zombie lost budget before he finished filming --- something about the second half just doesn't match up with the first. And, Karen Black shows up and vanishes. But this movie has a 1970's creepy vibe, never takes itself too seriously and is a fun campy horror movie ride.

Troy F (br) wrote: Born American was Renny Harlin's first film, and while I admit I enjoyed some of it, I'd be lying if I said it was a good film or if I even liked it. The film starts with a group of three friends that aren't anything special but likable too who are captured by the Russians after they make the grave mistake of crossing the border. It's the dramatic scenes that later follow that we realize these guys aren't good actors! And the film is full of stupidity in so many moments too that you find yourself ripping on the characters for their dim-witted actions! I gotta say that what sets this movie off on a somewhat enjoyable premise was it's action scenes, which for 80's standards are pretty cool and fits pretty well with the dozens of other low budget "trashy but guilty pleasure" action flicks of the 80s. It may have some interesting scenes here and there, but I feel it's weak performances, rushed character developments, and striking similarities to Midnight Express hurt the film greatly, and it's predictable moments make you cringe at the film. It was okay, and for a rip off it's not half bad, but it's otherwise a lame ass film.

Thomas K (br) wrote: I have always loved this film so much. Written by Malcolm McDowell just so he could work with Lindsay Anderson again, and they did work together beautifully so who can blame him. It also polarizes audiences. I've never met anybody who is lukewarm about "O Lucky Man!". It either changed your life or you though of it as self involved tripe.

Edward D (fr) wrote: Well, Doctor Who is a fictional character that can travel through time, space, and dimension in an England Police Telephone Box. He looks human though he is part of a race of aliens called Time Lords. Another point is when the Doctor Who character dies, the Doctor Who soul reincarnates into another human male. Peter Cushing is british actor who was paired with Christopher Lee in vampire movies and at least one Frankenstein movie. He was the character in the "Original Star Wars Series" that got force choked by Darth Vader. So before popping the DVD, I was hyping goodness and expectations because of the character and a british known actor in a British production. Low and behold though the writers of this movie fuck it up! First, off this movie starts out with Doctor Who in conversation states that is half or part human. Eh okay I accept it. Second, he has a granddaughter. Oh okay whatever, the story is the thing. Well what pisses me off is that 97% of the time in other Doctor Who presentations: he is confident, smart, fast talker, schemer, and uses his brains. Well at one point in this movie, the Doctor Who cowers behind his granddaughter! What the fuck! And more importantly, he does not even know how to solve the dilemma he gets himself in. The positive things in the movie are the set designs, camera angles, and the lighting which is used in the movie. These were the saving graces of the movie. Every thing else ugh!FINAL VERDICT: For a casual movie goer to see this, I say just watch any other Doctor Who program. ?For a Doctor Who fan to see this, the bragging right that you actually watched it.? If you are interested in set design, lighting, and angles, this might be of some note.

Ashleigh S (ag) wrote: There's a full 2 stars for the amazing lounge songs that have thrilled audiences everywhere. The half star goes to the plot. It dragged on and on with very little humor.

Kevin M W (ru) wrote: No more than a television sketch comedy routine stretched out to movie length and that's all it is. Anglophiles will enjoy working on their English accents. Drinking game fun: 1 shot for every time "sort it all out" is heard. You might not make it to the end. Crisps, anyone?

Antonia H (ca) wrote: Wasn't sure if I'd enjoy this film because whilst I adore John Turturro, I just find Woody Allen so irritating.It turned out to be a delightfully charming film even if a little silly. Each character was played to perfection. Sofia Vergara excels as a saucy little minx. The locations & soundtrack were also perfect.

Emily W (ca) wrote: A hypnotically honest look at what caused one man to push himself to the brink of death in order to live.