A young man, whose only possession is a motorcycle, spends his time riding around the city looking for empty apartments. After finding one, he hangs out for a while, fixing himself something to eat, washing laundry or making small repairs in return. He always tries to leave before the owners get back but in one ostensibly empty mansion he meets the abused wife of a rich man and she escapes with him...

A transient young man breaks into empty homes to partake of the vacationing residents' lives for a few days. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


3-Iron torrent reviews

Peter M (kr) wrote: An awful, awful movie which is less than 1% as entertaining as snakes on a plane, poor story, poor acting, poor dialougue and poor effects mean it has no redeaming features at all.

Wesley H (es) wrote: If your going to limit 90% of your movie to the confined walls of an elevator you better make sure to do something extra special, not spend the whole time spilling blood and making each character seem weirder than they already are.

Michael M (fr) wrote: I don't know what it is, but I LOVE THIS MOVIE SO MUCH.

Katie P (us) wrote: Whoever wrote the movie info obviously didn't see it . Christian Slater played the character named Hanson. Bokeem Woodbine played Franklin. DUR!

Evan H (it) wrote: pretty funny movie with a cute little love story. It ended with a fantastic twist! Gabriel has his first kiss and sings the song that he wrote, as he runs across the street!

Joseph H (fr) wrote: I dont care to watch.

Alan P (au) wrote: Probably the best movie known to man, a stunning thriller with the most original ideas.

Sherry W (us) wrote: might be good in a B movie sort of way

Alexander C (it) wrote: ID WATCH THIS! SEXY BROWN!

Tara H (au) wrote: This is what an action-packed, Hollywood blockbuster looked like in 1935. No real depth to speak of, but so pacy it hardly matters. Jean Harlow was the main attraction for me, along with amiable drunk Robert Benchley.

Cristian L (jp) wrote: This rating is for the overall quality of the film. The sheer hilarity of the film is 5 stars.

Marc G (au) wrote: This is just one of those movies. It seems totally ridiculous but it's just a whole lotta fun. I laugh like a school girl from the Philippines every time I watch it. It's a great party film. Although, I must admit I did stab my mattress 9 times after viewing this. Ya'know, just in case..