3 of Us

3 of Us

A loving couple Laura and John get lost in the middle of nowhere during a thunderstorm, riding a scooter to a birthday party. Looking for a place to spend the night they end up in an ...

A loving couple Laura and John get lost in the middle of nowhere during a thunderstorm, riding a scooter to a birthday party. Looking for a place to spend the night they end up in an ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mischief M (au) wrote: Tom hardy deserves an Oscar!

Janine R (fr) wrote: This Barbie movie was mediocre.

Sergio Andres P (mx) wrote: Fantastic Remake..... Poseidon delivers an intense motion action, with great visual effects and a large assembly. One of the films that marked a milestone among the best directed films.. for me. Good Job. 5/5

Brian S (ru) wrote: There is a point within 2003s Once Upon A Time In Mexico that writer/director Robert Rodriguez seems to have bitten off more than he can chew. In the middle of a motorbike chase the editing is chaotic, the music is loud and our hero (who we have been following for two other films now) is almost lost in all the action. This may seem sufficient but with his third chapter of the "Mexico Trilogy", Rodriguez went in the direction to make the hero a side character and fill the remainder of the plot with shady agents (played pitch perfectly by Johnny Depp), presidents and drug cartels in a story that has all of Mexico at stake. Just as everything is about to fold over like a baddy in a gunfight, Rodriguez's juxtaposing vignettes interweave into a fun, sometimes campy (Willem Dafoe as a Mexican drug cartel is Charlton Heston/Touch of Evil fun), culmination of a story that has shown real growth within the filmmaker-ensuring that this Mariachi story is a nice one to end off on riding into the sunset.

Alex H (br) wrote: Very emotional, started bad then turned good

Brandon K (ru) wrote: If you love a good British costume drama, this is the film for you.

Sujit O (it) wrote: The second film directed by the Coen brother, Raising Arizona clearly shows their film-making style in a different light as compared to the disciplined dark humour the world has come to love.In a way it's their truest film, not refraining from directly getting involved with true emotions while still maintaining the comical character through cinematography, writing and the reactions to the situations created.The Coen brothers are a film school by themselves and seeing their growth is a whole different experience.The movie feels almost like a light hearted 'Natural Born Killers'.

Carlos M (de) wrote: It is certainly overrated and doesn't justify the many Oscars it won/was nominated to, but still it is technically competent (especially Vangelis' music and the film's editing) even if it is also a bit too conventional and slows down in its second half almost to the speed of a turtle.

Manuel T (mx) wrote: This movie is so full of cheeze you might as well bring some crackers along too to eat with this cheeze while your at it. Even if this movie is cheezy and bad I still love watching it once in awhile. I think this movie was suppose to be one of those scare films about the effects and dangers of taking drugs from the Holy Roller's P.O.V. back then in the 70's. This is just plain awful with the narrator who keeps interrupting certain scenes with him reading from the script talking about the effects of drugs and he's their smoking a cigarette in front of the camera, how funny is that. Hahahahaha. After Herschell the main character eats the turkey meat that the scientists injected with an experimental drug that was laced in it. Herschell after awhile begins to feel the effect, trying to walk he staggers and falls down to the ground, when he awakens and gets up he's horrified that his head mutated into that of a turkey's and then he goes out attacking the drug pushers and addicts by killing them and drinking their blood to satisfy his drug addiction. He even Gobble Gobbles like a turkey too. Their is one scene on their that has no audio, it's with Herschell, the drug addicted sister and the preacher girl talking, I don't read lips at all and I can't understand what they are saying so it's useless. At the end of the movie the Narrator comes back on, talks some more, and then he takes a deep drag of his cigarette and than starts having a coughing fit real badly. I thought I was going to see the gory part of him coughing up a lung but it didn't happen. Bonus Features which are kinda interesting but some I didn't care for: Before this turkey movie Steve Hawkes and his girlfriend fall victim to a sleazy motel manager in the 28-minute, 1969 skin noir featurette "The Walls Have Eyes!" A short subject film called "Narcotics, Pit of Despair!" It's like a "Leave it to Beaver" type setting, set in the late 50's about a clean cut teenage guy who falls victim to heroine who starts out by being invited to a beatnik party and then from their his life starts going to hell. The narrations are cheezy too like for example: "Oh, Oh Johnny just got finished using the bathroom and he didn't wash his hands. Sally noticed something was wrong when she saw Johnny coming and running out of the bathroom quickly so she confronted him asked Johnny politely to go wash his hands. Johnny turns around and heads back to the restroom. Good job Sally now germs won't get on anybodys hands now that his hands are clean". This short film is very, very weird and trippy.

Greg W (fr) wrote: way better than the remake

Rob (de) wrote: It's probably blasphemy to say such things, but I'm pretty sure I enjoyed this a bit more than the original Dracula film with Bela Lugosi. The special effects are very interesting and imaginative and never look offensively dated and the performances are all riveting. Even Lon Chaney Jr (who was admittedly slightly miscast in the lead role) isn't as bad as people say and is at least physically imposing enough to be Dracula.

Collin P (jp) wrote: Great graphics, great story line, great actors. Where does the list end?

Emma T (kr) wrote: Good film but it's a film you'd only watch once.

Nate J (nl) wrote: A really good action flick using a concept not used very often in the industry. There is a major plot twist which you can see coming from the get go, that said it's a lot of fun and the parkour segments are wonderfully choreographed.