30:e november

30:e november

On November 30th (the date when King Karl XII died) there will usually be demonstrations by hyper-national and neo-Nazi groups, and also democratic counter demonstrations. The plot of "West...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:116 minutes
  • Release:1995
  • Language:Swedish,English,Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:police,   killing,   racism,  

On November 30th (the date when King Karl XII died) there will usually be demonstrations by hyper-national and neo-Nazi groups, and also democratic counter demonstrations. The plot of "West... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Donald P (nl) wrote: Scream of the Banshee was pretty scary lol for a B movie. The Banshee reminded me of my ex when she got angry.

Patrick M (br) wrote: My friend and I heard this was one of the worst movies of all time. We rented it and watched it just to see how bad it was. It did not disappoint. This movie is so bad, so utterly putrid, such an insult to comedies and filmmaking as a whole, that I can only call it the second worst movie of all time. (I don't know what the worst is, but there will always be a worse movie.

Iven S (jp) wrote: I have to say I enjoy a good romantic comedy and I am a Patrick Dempsey fan, due to all of the movies he did in the 80's but this one doesn't quite pull it off for me. Sure there are some moments, my favourite being the restaurant scene but its predictable as all hell and I dunno but I was starting to feel for the "other guy". I don't think that's supposed to happen.... know what I mean?.... I also enjoyed Dempsey with all of his dates, spouting the "rules"... thought that was funny, but not laugh out loud, just amusing enough to chill out & chuckle to.

Atul R (jp) wrote: I remember when this movie was on Production, there was talk saying that this will beat KRRISH. Mr. Baweja went over the top to make this movie in finance wise. Unfortunately the story didnt meet the expectation. The producer also hid Harman so he wouldnt be on the magazines until the movie is ready to release. Lot of hype but the movie is super bad. Harman looks like Hrithik and dance like Hrithik and tries to talk like him. He reminded me of Hrithik in Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai. He is a good looking guy and very good dancer and i am sure his next project would be better. Priyanka on the other hand is great in the start but when she plays the Future Priyanka, she fails to shine. She looks pretty but her acting looks very low. Boman Irani is ok. Archana Puran Singh is funny in her parts. Songs are ok. The best song is the Milo na Milo, dance is awesome. Another Movie thats hoping to beat KRRISH's popularity which is DRONA. Let see what Drona will give us.

Eric H (de) wrote: Great action movie! First chilean action movie

Facebook U (ru) wrote: The logic for the ending is a bit too tenuous. The main character does not appear to have psychological problems to make him even just want to shoot someone, anyone. The real life person from which the film is inspired certainly was more deeply troubled. It can be however taken ironically to mean that the main character finally adapts to life in the USA and solves some frustrations the americanos way.... I think the film also wants to leaves the message that the guy chose the gun too hastily and his problems would be solved very happily with some patience - scene where his romantic interest seemed to miss him near the end.

katie c (au) wrote: i love this movie i watch it every christmas

Barry H (ru) wrote: Thought this film was well thought out.

t w (us) wrote: this is garbage, this was made after Double Dragon 3 a couple years after when the popularity died this just nailed the coffin that was Double Dragon

Cornelius C (fr) wrote: Good movie just didn't understand the end but I loved it I have the DVD and watch it on Netflix.

Sebastian K (mx) wrote: OMG!!! 4hrs of your life thrown in the rubbish bin! At one point I seriously walked out of the theater for 45min for a sandwich & cigarette, came back in and had missed NOTHING! If you claim you "love" this film, you are simply lying & pretending to be "profound" in a way that really doesn't exist. I saw this film in Brazil with my g/f...a french lawyer, during a french film festival...we were LAUGHING at how absurdly horrid it was, and how happy we were to be leaving the theater - warning those who were entering at what a huge mistake they were about to suffer through. This was one of the 5 worst films i've ever witnessed...utterly ridiculous in its desperate attempts to create some deep drama or story. basically 3.5 hrs of sketching a girl, with almost zero dialogue...with everything so over-the-top barfingly dramatic, that it was flat out amazing that someone actually produced it.

Michael W (us) wrote: Duane and Belial take refuge in a house of freaks while pursued by a taboid reporter. Less serious than the original, more of an effort to provide some laughs. Includes unforgettable sex scene between two basket cases. The greatness of the original, however, will not be recaptured.

Geoffrey T (us) wrote: One of the best sci-fi movies ever made. A true classic


Martin D (mx) wrote: Flawless is a 1999 crime comedy-drama film that stars Robert De Niro, Austin Womack, and Philip Seymour Hoffman.Flawless was directed by Joel Schumacher, who also wrote the screenplay. Other cast members includes Daphne Rubin-Vega and Wilson Jermaine Heredia, both of whom starred (as Mimi and Angel, respectively) in the original production of the Broadway Musical Rent.Walter Koontz (Robert De Niro) is a highly decorated "local hero" officer of the New York police department who lives in a downtown apartment complex. Despite his locale and rampant run of drag queens in his building he tends to keep to himself and still live a life lavished in lovely women, dancing and dining. One night, he hears gunshots upstairs, and while ascending to help suffers a stroke. He awakens with the right side of his body paralyzed resulting in poor speech and posture, giving him an unrecoverable limp requiring him to use a cane to get around.He suffers a massive blow to his ego, and Walter becomes ashamed to be seen in public in such a fashion. Rusty (Philip Seymour Hoffman) is one of Walter's drag queen neighbors and the two are at-odds constantly due to their differing lifestyles. Rusty has a desire to undergo a transexual operation, but lacks the money to do so. When Walter comes to Rusty to use his musical talents for voice lessons to overcome his impediment, the pair while at first argumentative and uncomfortable with the other begin to become friends. Walter begins to gain confidence and make strides to return to a normal life. However their friendship is marred when Rusty shows Walter a stash of money, hidden in the body of his dress making manequin, which is enough to pay for his operation. When Walter inquires how Rusty got the money, Rusty says he stole it from a drug pusher, who was also responsible for the attack the night Walter had his stroke. Outraged by this, Walter and Rusty part ways angrily.One night, after returning from a drag beauty contest called "Flawless" Rusty is accosted by the criminals who had crept into his apartment to find the stolen money. Walter hears the commotion and runs up to save Rusty's life. Rusty locks himself in the bedroom, and when Walter comes in on them, the criminals turn their attention on him, prompting Rusty to return the favor. In the fight, Walter is shot by the criminals, but the pair are able to subdue them. While boarding an amublance with Walter, Rusty gives the paramedics the stolen cash to ensure that Walter is okay. The pair again rekindle their friendship, setting their personal differences aside.

Des M (gb) wrote: Explores the human consequences of what if.

Staush P (ru) wrote: Not even good on a funny cheesy level.