30 Years on the Frontline

30 Years on the Frontline


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Adam R (mx) wrote: Completely asinine. A terrible movie that will destroy your brain cells. (First and only viewing - 6/19/2012)

Vinny M (kr) wrote: Woman leaves husband behind in England to join a friend's family on holiday in Italy. Spends more time hanging out with their teenage kids than with the "oldies" in an attempt to deal with something that's affecting her deeply. Very slow burning, but quietly affecting. As often with low-budget arthouse movies, not an awful lot happens, but it al about atmosphere

Itamar K (jp) wrote: An above average Israeli film, and s great one by any standard, most of all thanks to Shira Geffen's beautiful script, and to great minimalist cinematography that makes Tel Aviv look more beautiful and surreal than ever before. Surreal, sarcastic and very human.

Jerry H (fr) wrote: Alyson and Amanda Michalka have definitely become well-known over the past several years. Alyson has starred in Disney Channel productions such as "Phil of the Future" and "The Search for the World's Greatest Magician," as well as non-kid-friendly fare, like the Emma Stone flick "Easy A." Together, they are a pop music duo known as .78violet, formerly known as Aly and AJ. Of course, as usual for starlets popular with the younger crowd, they were featured in countless magazines, including "CCM"; no joke. "Cow Belles" is the only production to date (other than an MTV "documentary") where the two Michalka sisters starred together. The story is actually much like the flop movie "Material Girls," which also starred two real-life sisters, Haylie and Hilary Duff: Two opulent and spoiled sisters end up having to work in the real world, and have plenty of Nickelodeon-style pratfalls along the way. "Cow Belles" also has allegations of a scandal involving the girls' father, a plot device also used by the Duff sisters' film. So, naturally, I'm going to compare the two: In some ways "Cow Belles" was better than "Material Girls"; however, in some ways it wasn't. The plot of "Material Girls" was more engaging, if only because it was partly a mystery where the perpetrator wasn't revealed until the film's end, whereas "Cow Belles" revealed the perp within less than thirty minutes. Content-wise, "Cow Belles" wins out by a mile; "Material Girls" showed the Duff sisters wearing all sorts of low-cut tops and short skirts, not to mention the profanity and sexual content, whereas the most potentially offensive thing in "Cow Belles" was a female character (NOT played by either of the Michalka sisters) wearing a bikini (albeit one that was a little too tight in the upper region, if you know what I mean.) The ending of "Cow Belles" was also better, but I won't give it away here. As is the case with most DCOMs, I can't recommend purchasing this, but it's definitely worth a rental. For those who love family entertainment, like I do, this is a treat, but one only worth experiencing once,

April M (de) wrote: I'm seeing it tonight!

Lindsay W (jp) wrote: It has a few good moments, as far as chick flicks go, but the acting is pretty terrible and the humor lame. And Estella Warren's lips are just strange - I couldn't stop starring at them throughout the movie.

Chanell M (ru) wrote: THE BEST ROMANTIC COMDEY EVER!!!! this movie is full of laughter!! its got as much romance as comdey which i think all romantic comdies should be like. It truly is unique. I really loved it!

Benjamin O (ag) wrote: Tastelessly obvious.

Luke B (mx) wrote: This Korean animation is a beautifully artistic film, that also contains a lot of heart. It perfectly captures the joys of childhood, from a reflective view of an adult. This makes for a sweet, but never patronising, view of the innocence of friendships from years gone by. The animation remains simple, perhaps too much so for some, but it keeps it's focus on the story and that's what counts.

Tobias X (au) wrote: Add a review (optional)...

Lyndsey T (jp) wrote: watched it at 3am on accident. it really taught me a lot about japanese internment camps and had a sweet love story. not the best movie, but touching. you should see it.

Florence (it) wrote: Um cido e divertido retrato da mecnica da sociedade de consumo. Acompanhando a trajetria de um simples tomate, desde a plantao at ser jogado fora, o curta escancara o processo de gerao de riqueza e as desigualdades que surgem no meio do caminho.Vencedor de vrios prmios internacionais como:- Urso de Prata para curta-metragem no 40 Festival de Berlim em 1990.- Prmio Especial do Jri e Melhor Filme do Jri Popular no 3 Festival de Clermont-Ferrand na Frana em 1991.- "Blue Ribbon Award" no American Film and Video Festival em Nova Iorque em 1991. - Melhor Filme no 7 No-Budget Kurzfilmfestival em Hamburgo, Alemanha em 1991.

Carolyn W (us) wrote: Yep, this movie is as boring as I remember it being when it put me to sleep as a teenager.

Bob V (ca) wrote: A witch and her sorcerer father are burnt at the stake, but not before she curses the man who denounced her and all his descendants. Centuries later, the oak tree binding their spirits releases them & after creating a body, she goes after the last descendant, but of course falls in love, to the displeasure of her father.It's about as silly as it sounds, and luckily the film is rather short, so its thin premise isn't stretched beyond all endurance. Friedrich March had called Veronica Lake a vapid blond sex-pot with no talent before filming, and Lake retaliated by practical jokes, such as hiding a heavy weight under her dress in a scene where he had to pick her up, and pushing her foot in his groin when they were being filmed from the waist up. March ended up calling the film "I married a Bitch". Suffice to say, they did not get along, and it sort of shows in their performance, they never manage to convincingly fall or be in love.

Alex C (es) wrote: A hilarious satire that leaves no side unscathed. This film was fantastic, and the strong actors really brought the phenomenally-written characters to life. There's also a pretty neat message buried in "Thank You for Smoking," but if you don't pay attention, it might go over your head.

MF J (ag) wrote: A pleasant enough little film about the past glory of the studio 54 during it's glorious days. It's full of excesses, the cast is good, the story pretty straight forward & the whole feel like a giant disco party with tons of drugs & alcohol in the soundtrack.... wicked but fun!