36 fillette

36 fillette

A night in the life of a young woman who wishes to learn and experience more of life. The men she meets have as much to learn from her as they can offer her, or more.

A night in the life of a young woman who wishes to learn and experience more of life. The men she meets have as much to learn from her as they can offer her, or more. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Janne H (it) wrote: really boring movie, it says in the cover that it is horrifying, but it could not be more misleading. Do not waste your money or time to watch this one.

Diki G (ca) wrote: Again,...Wowwwwwww,....

Keano A (de) wrote: When I was younger, this movie appealed to me as being funny and entertaining. Watching it so many years later, the movie is nowhere near that quality. This movie is more of a hit or miss with its comedy and plot. It fails to keep me interested in it, ike it did years ago.

Adrienne B (ru) wrote: Not the best movie, but it's alright.

Bear H (ag) wrote: Great synopsis of Latin jazz and its influence on music past and present, along with its roots. The performances, especially the Elias and Valdez ones, are fantastic.

Rob S (fr) wrote: A huge waste of time and talent. I usually like Paul Mazursky's stuff, but his direction is clumsy and the dialogue is awful. Not funny at all.

Sylvester K (ca) wrote: The original story was butchered to pieces in this film adaptation. Despite Barker wrote and directed this personally, it was a horrendous show of gore and violence. The 2 hour running time was a nightmare in itself, I honestly don't know what Barker was thinking when he opt for special effect and gore instead of a decent storyline. I am sure for the people that didn't read the novella, this was a rather confusing film. Other than some nice make up, Nightbreed fell short and too many points to make it an excellent film.

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Erika M (it) wrote: Excelente! Y esos colores! Cada escena parece pintada a mano, como si los personajes estuvieran dentro de un leo.

Mitch A (kr) wrote: International House is a sexist, racist, classist, anarchist, and mildly homophobic insight into 1930s pop culture.

Nick P (ag) wrote: A strangely different take on showcasing the problems with our youth and lack of parenting, yet refreshingly disturbing and bothersome. It's poetic, but when it's not it comes across as empty. However, Adrien Brody's performance was simply outstanding.

Dan M (fr) wrote: Refueled.. more like rebooted, and not done very well either. I could buy it maybe if this was a prequel of Frank Martin's character as this new version is much younger looking that Jason Statham. Along with a much better story.. but hey, this is an action movie. Gorgeous gals, cool fight scenes and car chases sure, but it was already done so much better in the original Transporter. This was just phooey.

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