4 Minutes

4 Minutes

An elderly piano teacher trains a young convict at a women's penitentiary.

An elderly piano teacher trains a young convict at a women's penitentiary. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sandeep N (it) wrote: Too silly to call it as Adult comedy, its more like some lame "Jerk Off Instruction" wer tits covers up the screen for its entire failed attempt on humour or story or acting or watever shit these horny bastards wer upto!

Brandon S (jp) wrote: Despite being painfully slow sometimes, this is a documentary that overcomes this flaw in every possible way as it speaks in powerful ways to reader in all of us. It's a film that every reader and writer needs to see, one that does a wonderful job of bringing the spirit of writing and reading into one beautiful whole.

brendan n (it) wrote: the film is funny but its missing alot of depth that keeps you coming back to watch over and over again. matthew perry tries very hard and its not the actors that let this film down its the director and producers. the jokes are hit and miss with the cast trying as hard as they can to get things right. perry is the only likable character and gets most of the laughs for better or worse. could of done with more focus on the story and less on the silly jokes but this film has its moments but can't overcome the lack of seriousness. more focus on some clever jokes would have gone this film across the line but sadly its a film you won't remember and will only watch the once.

Marieve (au) wrote: No special comments about it.

Kristy P (au) wrote: Really good movie; I definitely enjoyed this one. Lots of action, good storyline.

Reece L (fr) wrote: Addams Family Values is extremely slight, but it's a gay cult classic for a reason. There's an entire subplot devoted to mocking white privilege that culminates in a group of poc, a jewish boy, and the two Addams children destroying a group of the rich white people prone to subjugating social outcasts, a level of social commentary that most comedies don't even attempt to delve into. When factoring in the film's wealth of pitch-perfect gags ("...pastels?"), campy performances, and hilarious one-liners, the fact that it's complete fluff won't really matter to those who's sensibilities mesh with its own.

Dominic S (kr) wrote: Once again I have seen another incredible and successfully made interconnecting film that joins the likes of Magnolia and Crash.Great performances all around.

Galen A (ca) wrote: David Cronenberg's son Brandon shows that he is fully capable of carrying on his father's tradition of making smart, socially conscious, psychological thrillers with body horror elements. The fruit does not far from the tree and this is very good since the tree is one of the greatest film makers of all time. This is a film that has just the perfect amount of sci fi and horror without quite going all in on either. It's a balance that works. The whole film has a sickly look to it with hardly any colors and all the characters are extremely weak and pale. The skin tones of all the actors and extras are pale to slight green to a sickly grey. This film isn't Videodrome but I can see Brandon Cronenberg making films that could surpass his father's eventually. This one comes close.

Gerard M (mx) wrote: A filmmakers film oh and what a McGuffin.