A bag full of money lands in front of you. Is it luck? The answer to your prayers? Part of a predetermined plan? Or all of the above? Set in the chaotic streets of Istanbul, 40 is a story of three strangers making their way in a city of 12 million, all searching...for one bag. Shot entirely on location, '40' combines intense story telling with documentary style cinematography embarking on a synchronistic journey dealing with faith, love, luck, destiny, human trafficking...and a bag of cash that falls from the sky.

A bag full of money lands in front of you. Is it luck? The answer to your prayers? Part of a predetermined plan? Or all of the above? Set in the chaotic streets of Istanbul, 40 is a story ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bloodmarsh K (nl) wrote: John Cusack's lively nerd days are behind him, which is unfortunate. 'Grace is Gone' plays like a lifetime movie network flick - a lifetime movie about taking a road trip with the most boring people on the planet, and Cusack's character seemed to be borderline depressed long before the death of his wife. The real tragedy here, is how these people didn't seem to be enjoying anything, while she was alive.

Brock G (jp) wrote: Great movie a whole lot of truth in there.

Sarah (au) wrote: Theres no synopsis...but the cover looks good and the title sounds good...

Michael M (jp) wrote: If you've never seen this movie, put it in your queue immediately. One of the best movies of that decade (originally released in '03), I happened to catch this movie last night on Starz and it's still just as good 11 years later. Norton, Barry Pepper, and Phillip Seymour Hoffman are all amazing in this movie and though I normally despise Spike Lee, he did a helluva job capturing the tense mood and telling an amazing story. I still wonder about that ending though? Did Monty really get away? I don't think he did.

Muffin M (it) wrote: I own this on DVD in a four movie pack along with:* Lethal Weapon (1987)* Lethal Weapon 2 (1989)* Lethal Weapon 4 (1998)

Randy T (ag) wrote: Donald Sutherland is a ruthless German spy operating in war-torn England during WWII. He's relentless. He's cold-blooded. He must be stopped. What more do you need to know?

Conner R (mx) wrote: I think that American Gigalo is an underrated movie to say the least. Most people who do admit to being a fan of it say that it's just because they like Richard Gere in anything. Not only do I think this is a whole-heartedly good movie, it's way more conscious of its time period and atmosphere than pretty much everything else that it was released against. Sure we have some great criticisms of the 80s, made a full decade later. This judges contemporary lifestyles and even narrative expectations. It doesn't hurt that American Gigalo is a beautiful movie to look at; it makes all the content so much more digestible and even backs up the argument. This shows beautiful people doing bizarre things, having a shady moral code and getting away with murder (practically).

Brandon M (fr) wrote: I really want to give this a perfect rating. I might even come back and change it, but boy did I love this film. The racing cinematography is absolutely PHENOMENAL. Pure racing, beautiful engine sounds. The film drags on to about 3 hours, and there are some melodramatic bits that might be excessive, but it does add to the behind-the-scenes atmosphere of Formula One racing relationships. Towards the beginning, there are some over-the-top extraneous camera shots, but beyond the few, the rest of the camera work is amazing. It's an epic; a spectacle. And nothing says it more than literally having an "intermission" screen and a racing still at the beginning with the word "OVERTURE" printed on it. Which leads me to one last thing - the soundtrack is fantastic, including the overture. Grand Prix is certainly one spectacular racing epic.

EWC o (ca) wrote: Fantastic story and exceptional ending, however direction is poor and acting is spotty

Mike F (ca) wrote: It only gets 2.5 stars because A) it stars Meat Loaf (WHO DOESN'T GET TO ROCK?????) and B) it has cool bits with Blondie and Alice Cooper. But as a whole it was a disappointment.