407 Dark Flight 3D

407 Dark Flight 3D

A senior flight attendant named New has to deal with a supernatural event and mystery on the plane when the passengers begin to die one by one.

A senior flight attendant named New has to deal with a supernatural event and mystery on the plane when the passengers begin to die one by one. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


407 Dark Flight 3D torrent reviews

Larry C (mx) wrote: This is a very sick movie. counting all the capital crimes is not easy.

Serge L (gb) wrote: Much better than the first one with barely a scatological joke. This one is mostly fun with few bad moments. I definitely had fun and even laughed out loud a couple of times toward the end, which surprised me! Well, a couple of jokes I didn't see coming. Loved the real James Bondish bits near the end as well. English reborn, redeems himself. I liked Gillian and Rosamund. Rosamund is expressive contrary to her usual botox-face and incredibly cute a few times. Enjoyable time for all ages.

Carol M (kr) wrote: I finally see Jill Marie Jones in something other than girlfriends.....over the top personality in this one. Not sure what to say, some of it is look at a dysfunctional family and some of it is dark humor. Weird

Grant S (kr) wrote: Well-intentioned, but dull. Seven Years in Tibet gave a good and interesting account of the life of 14th Dalai Lama, particularly the Chinese invasion, capture and oppression of Tibet. I was expecting the same of Kundun. I was overly optimistic.Martin Scorsese does capture the outrage and injustice of China's invasion of Tibet, but only to small degree. Too much time is wasted on scenes and sub-plots that go nowhere. The movie moves at a glacial pace.However, cinematography is great. Some amazing landscapes. Sadly, not actually of Tibet. Strangely, the Chinese wouldn't let Scorsese film there.... However, you wouldn't know the difference, showing how well the locations were chosen.Performances are very flat, and contribute much to the dullness of the movie.Watch Seven Years in Tibet instead.

The Critic (es) wrote: A standard martial arts vehicle for Jackie Chan, introducing him to a mainstream American audience, with a string of effective gags (the demise of his uncle's old supermarket is hilarious) and impressive stunts (a staple of Chan's films). Plot and character development are irrelevant in a piece that's all about giving an audience some popcorn entertainment. And that, Mr. Chan does.

Lauren B (br) wrote: A good representaion of manic-depressive disorder, and a good story too.

Daniel D (mx) wrote: Entertaining 80s Teen Flick. A bit better than Weird Science imo.

Adam T (kr) wrote: Very powerful and emotionally complex movie with Mimi Rodgers in a stunning performance as a born-again Christian who is tested to her limits. It was really only the last 20 minutes or so when the narrative became a bit derailed by a sequence which felt like a fantasy or dream.

Floyd R (us) wrote: If Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire only made one movie together and that movie happened to either be this film or Swing Time, they'd still deserve to be silver screen legends. A classic.

Nathan A (it) wrote: Requires an almost insurmountable suspension of disbelief.

Jackson P (kr) wrote: Jaws + Reptile = 10/10