42 Up

42 Up

Director Michael Apted revisits the same group of British-born adults after a 7 year wait. The subjects are interviewed as to the changes that have occurred in their lives during the last seven years.

Director Michael Apted revisits the same group of British-born adults after a 7 year wait. The subjects are interviewed as to the changes that have occurred in their lives during the last seven years. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jake V (de) wrote: "I got the test results back. I definitely have breast cancer" - (The Room) There's a lot of that in this movie. Chekhov's gun gets shown, nothing related to it happens. What does happen is a very dumbed-down neutered action movie with a tired ending. What if the robot laws conflicted with each other!? Nope, nothing smart like that. They just become sentient because *yawn* plot.

John W (ru) wrote: Dark and discomfiting and shot with gritty and beautiful visuals, but it's not for everyone. There is a definite target demographic for this film and I honestly can't see it appealing to a deep vertical.

Champ S (it) wrote: great romantic storyline with interesting characters and impressive imagination.

David U (us) wrote: A great concept, but the execution somehow ends up unfulfilling.

Matthew C (ag) wrote: I'm torn when reviewing this film as I enjoyed it as I do most of Lee Demarbre's work; yet at the same time I was highly critical of some of the aspects emplored in the film. While yes the film stayed true to the classic b-horror genre in all campy aspects it was the acting that lost me. I understand that the film is a tribute to the work of Herschell Gordan Lewis which was part of the reason that I liked the film; but the casting choice of David Hess as the main character, Able Whitman, was (in my mind) a poor choice as he is in almost every scene yet whenever he opens his mouth I lose interest in what's going on. Sasha Grey was another poor acting choice; I understand that she is trying to go mainstream a bit (but The Girlfriend Experience - her other mainstream film was much worse - so much so that I fell asleep through it - garnishing a 0.5/5 rating from me). Grey's acting (I can't say talents) attempts are more of a distraction than David Hess. The only character that was half-decently acted was maybe the film's most random and ill-placed character, Isaac Beaumonde (played by Jesse Buck). This film is definitely not for everyone and will generate a cult following - it's definitely one that will be loved by few, hated by few and misunderstood by most. If you are into the whole b-genre of horror films you may actually like this film... just be careful of the very campy dialogue and acting because it does become overbearing eventually.

Cody W (de) wrote: Great horror film. Has mystery, action and of course a crazy guy with a gun. The way this played out is shocking and you don't see the ending coming. Mind blowing.

Fabricio G (br) wrote: By the end of the movie you will ask yourself, "why the hell i'm watching this?", a shame, because at first the film is intriguing.

Natalie Y (ag) wrote: I'd say this film is just an ocaisionally funny teen movie. There are a few parts that i find hilarious though

Mauricio D (br) wrote: :up: Humor y Drama se mezclan en este relato argentino, que refleja la realidad actual que vive este pueblo. Una sociedad con serios problemas de desempleo. Hernn un joven mensajero, humilde y muy buena gente, se enamora de Pato una joven que trabaja de dispensadora en una gasolinera. Esta relacin da inicio cuando Hernn deside alquilar un cuarto de su casa a Pato, y todo marcha de manera idlica. Hasta que un da, de buenas a primera aparece el pap, la mam y la hija de Pato, y le piden a Hernn que si pueden pasar una noche en su casa... [b]RECOMENDADA.-[/b]

Larry Y (de) wrote: Notable only for the large amount of View Askew alumni in the cast. I may be a hard-core fan of Kevin Smith but I would in no way recommend this.

Preeti N (es) wrote: I am totally gung ho about this movie ! I must have seen this one more than 50 times since this was released in 1991. It had a first love innocence which just touched me.

gavin l (au) wrote: A minor triumph for Bogdanovich after some of his previous disasters. A film that features an American pimp living in Singapore, as well as hookers, heroin and heartache. Essential viewing!

Hannah M (mx) wrote: Admittedly, I come at this with a bias, since I can never get into war movies. These two hours I spent watching this were some of the longest of my life. I don't feel like it had anything meaningful to say or enough action to be interesting. The most interesting scenes were the ones with Rommel himself.

Christopher S (mx) wrote: Luis Bunuel's uncomfortable, subtle comedy is sexually-charged and mostly engaging. As intriguing as the characters are, and as complex as are their relationships, the tension is slight, which makes it drag in places and never quite reach its potential dramatic or comedic heights. Still, an interesting piece of work.

Lee B (gb) wrote: Great crime picture with unique and well executed ideas, ending is weak though.

James H (mx) wrote: Good screenplay, fine acting. Good atmosphere and suspenseful. Always interesting, effective lighting and art direction.

Richard G (de) wrote: I have to say this is my all-time favorite film-noir tragedy...back when Nicholas Cage was on a roll, moving from one cheap, tired Christ to the next...the compleat antithesis of the kind of shite we are seeing from him now in 2015. Elizabeth Shue is smokin' hot and portrays a compassionate whore. Your heart would have to be made of stone not to fall in love with her.