42nd Street

42nd Street

A producer puts on what may be his last Broadway show, and at the last moment a chorus girl has to replace the star.

Despire his poor health, successful Broadway director Julian Marsh still produces a new show with the financial help from a rich older man, who is in love with the star of the show, Dorothy Brock. But at the last moment a chorus girl has to replace the star... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aakash G (fr) wrote: a time killer at most....the movie revolves around the terrorised,traumatised,terrified mistress or you can think of any other adjective as well as you must have got a picture of the leading lady by now who plays the weak souled mistress of the main villian and then falls in love with jay who gets killed for stealing(and sleeping with) the villian's mistress and then the revengue story takes off and the weak soul mistress turns into an indian "kill bill" character..not as raunchy or bold as the first installment,hate story and the leads just look about average so much that the praises and appreciations for the first installment of hate story also gets drowned down in my memory too fast by the time this movie ends.watch it with as minimum expectations as possible else better doze off fr 2 hours than watching it.that would help you relax more maybe :D :p

Juan L (us) wrote: Dont even bother watching this its pure trash

Ryan K (ag) wrote: Makes you question things you might believe you have strict feelings towards. After about 25 minutes or so into the film, you do not want to miss a line or a frame. Lars Mikkelson was robbed of the IFTA's best supporting actor award without even being nominated.

Alex S (it) wrote: Probably one of the most gratuitously obscene movies I've ever seen, The ABCs of Death is nothing more than mindless blood and gore for those moviegoers who don't want to think critically about anything.

Melanie P (ag) wrote: There is quite a bit about this movie that I kinda hated. But it was also entertaining if you can deal with kitsch. There are a couple scenes worth watching it for.

Rob S (au) wrote: Very interesting biopic that details the struggles of one John Lennon growing up in Liverpool. If you're looking for Beatles stuff, look elsewhere. It may be known now about Lennon's troubles regarding his birth mother, and they're detailed here, but there's more going on as one of the greatest songwriters ever grows into a man. Aaron Taylor-Johnson does a fabulous job as the young John, even managing to look very much like him at times. Surely worth a look for any Lennon fan.

Alondie H (gb) wrote: This film was messy from that start. Bland, boring and poor poor Adam Brody. He deserves better material than this .

April (fr) wrote: the very best Dracula ever. awesome. completely in love with S.B in this film.

Ian W (us) wrote: A strange rarity that this is just as good as the original. With two more films I can't see this level of high standards remaining forever though.

KalEl A (es) wrote: I loved this movie. It lived up to the original with great special effects great movie! Should make a sequel.

Pavan S (de) wrote: One of those Rajesh Khanna movies I can watch and actually enjoy his performance

Kristyn F (mx) wrote: I remember watching this from an old tape we had when HBO was still Home Box Office.... Jerry Reed and Dom Deluise hit the streets of Miami to rope in criminals as part of a Fencing operation run by the cops. Suzanne Pleshette is terrific as Louise, the female cop taping it all behind a mirror!

Hal M (kr) wrote: Way overrated. Spencer Tracy is 25 years over age for this role and quite implausible as the recently discharged war vet who can defeat a big raging foe literally one-handed. The supporting roles are all badly overacted. The dialogue and plotting is stagey in the worst way. The Message tritely obvious.

Lucian M (us) wrote: A very interesting approach to the novel, with brilliant lead and Walter Huston shining brightly.

Conrad T (us) wrote: Story Not as interesting As expected.

Dave M (mx) wrote: "The Book Thief" (PG-13, 2:11) is one of those movies whose title tells you very little about the film, so allow me to fill you in. It's the story of life in Hitler's Germany, as seen through the eyes of a pretty and self-assured blonde tween named Liesel (Sophie Nelisse). She is "The Book Thief". Even though she doesn't know how to read, she takes a book that she sees someone drop on the ground. When she finally learns to read, the book thievery increases. She takes a book from a houseguest and later breaks into the local mayor's home (repeatedly) to avail herself of his large personal library. Of course, she refers to her activities as "borrowing".After Liesel is, for her protection, given up by her communist mother, she is raised by a childless middle-aged couple (played by Oscar-nominee Emily Watson and Oscar-winner Geoffrey Rush) in a small German town. Liesel's new mother is harsh but is hiding a big heart under her gruff exterior, while Liesel's new father is kind and nurturing. He teaches her to read, and a young man who comes to hide in their home (for reasons you can probably guess) teaches her to express herself. Meanwhile, Liesel forms a close friendship with a cocky, but sweet neighbor boy. Even as the world around her seems to become more dangerous and make less sense by the day, Liesel's love of learning , her growing creativity and the support of those around her carry her through.After so many movies about Nazi Germany, I give this film credit for its realism and unusual focus. The restrictions, bigotry, fear and paranoia bred by the Nazis is treated as a simple matter-of-fact, giving us insight into what life was like for average Germans during World War II, and why they tolerated it. The film features a girl who really wants to read (good), but shows her stealing without consequences (not so good) and it's inexplicably narrated by Death (as in the Grim Reaper). The story is fairly interesting and the set decoration is great, but if you're interested in how the Nazi regime affected the lives of its people, I'd recommend 1993's "Swing Kids" (with a young Christian Bale) or 2008's heartbreaking "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas". "The Book Thief" is too long as it tells a story that is only barely worthy of telling. "C"

Carol M (au) wrote: With these creepy plots, it would be nice every once in awhile if writers didn't rely on the husband thinking his wife was crazy, and the wife thought twice before inviting weird neighbors over for dinner.