49 Days

49 Days

Liu (Stephen Fung) awaits execution after he is convicted of murdering his friends. According to Chinese superstition, the souls of the dead have 49 days to wander the earth before going to heaven or hell for an eternity. Liu and his lawyer (Gilian Chung) must find a way to intersect with the spirits to prove his innocence.

In China, Lau Sing leaves his wife and their young daughter in his province and travels to the big city with his friends to raise money in pharmacology business. Four years later, he ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


49 Days torrent reviews

Cheryl H (ag) wrote: Plot is predictable. Good for pre-teens or younger. Loved the dog.

Jacquie V (us) wrote: Love it, Kevin Costner awesome

FilmGrinder S (kr) wrote: 75% You can feel the slope, but there's a few more shocks to be had. Ending???

Frank H (es) wrote: simple and good movie

Steve S (kr) wrote: This is an innocent comedy with so many guilty laughs.

Alexandra J (au) wrote: i'm really surprised that it had low ratings. this is a good movie! very weird & quirky.

Leili T (ag) wrote: Hussein observes the comlete view of the social inequality between rich and poor...

Chantal W (fr) wrote: Pure contrite crapfest.

Dave E (ca) wrote: Is a bad movie, but if you like to laughed and enjoy bad movies then this is for you. Trust me I laughed.

Lee M (au) wrote: An immigrant movie to cherish -- becuase of the modesty of the hopes of the too-old father and the dreams of his too-young son.

Frances Ann A (it) wrote: One of my family's all-time favorite movies. Matthau and Jackson are terrific, but even better is Sam Waterston early in his career. A wonderful, unique comedy.

Thomas B (de) wrote: A normal kind-of western. Nothing special. I see why John Wayne turned down the lead role. (Produced by Wayne's production company "Batjac")

Kenny W (de) wrote: eh, could have been better.

Dann M (jp) wrote: Gwyneth Paltrow gives the performance of her life in the powerful character drama Proof. In the wake of her father's death after a prolonged struggle with Alzheimer's disease, Catherine starts to question her own sanity, which gets exacerbated when her father's former grad student discovers a mathematical proof that she claims to have written but looks like her father's work. Accompanying Paltrow are Anthony Hopkins and Jake Gyllenhaal, who both deliver extraordinary performances. But it's Paltrow's outstanding work that carries the film, as she gives a brilliant introspective look into the mind of Catherine as she struggles to find the truth and come to terms with her fears. Yet some credit needs to go to director John Madden, who does an incredible job at drawing the audience into Catherine's struggle, and keeps the question of her mental illness and the authorship the proof constantly in question. Proof is an exceptionally well-crafted and transcendent film that deals with some provocative and controversial issues.

Shaun K L (ru) wrote: I would be hard pressed to find a film like this. It is so original and unique. In the film, society frowns upon people being single, singles are taken to a Hotel like compound were they have 45 days to find a partner or they are turned into an animal. There are another group of people known as loners who live in the forest and they two have rules, loners can't fraternize with each other, other wise they are punished. at the heart of it, it is a love story slightly dark and twisted but a love story none the less. Everyone gives great performance. slightly disturbing at times but worth a watch if you like something different.

Kevin F (kr) wrote: One of top 5 most striking-looking movies. Unlike There Will Be Blood, Barry Lyndon can tackle a scoundrel protagonist in an eminently watchable way, while remaining properly scathing. Dark satire...Humor! There Will Be Blood feels like the grandson of this film except the grandson doesn't get the joke and is only interested in destruction rather than correction, and this film remembers the virtue of DELIGHTING THE AUDIENCE. Did I mention the cinematography? Well, I'm doing it again.

Ashley H (mx) wrote: Serpico is a decent film. It is about an honest New York cop who blew the whistle on rampant corruption in the force only to have his comrades turn against him. Al Pacino and John Randolph give good performances. The screenplay is a little slow in places. Sidney Lumet did an alright job directing this movie. I liked this motion picture because of the drama and mystery.